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9 Stocking Stuffers You Can Pick Up at the Drugstore

‘Tis the season for some early holiday shopping. Beat the Black Friday crowd and the holiday rush this year with a little drugstore magic. After all, who doesn’t go crazy for a cute stocking stuffer? From must-have minis to super cute accessories, your local stop-and-shop has everything you need to put the perfect stocking together. And the added bonus? No crowds, no lines, no travel time.

Pick up these 9 drugstore stocking stuffers asap.

1. Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture + Shine Leave-In Conditioner: $16

Give the gift of perfectly moisturized tresses this holiday season. With wheat protein and pro-vitamin B, this leave-in conditioning spray is the ultimate luxury buy at a drugstore price.


2. SheaMoisture Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner for Damaged Hair: $16

Formulated with 100% pure Jamaican black castor oil, this hydrating mask softens and detangles, soothing even the most heat-damaged hair. SheaMoisture is a must-buy stocking stuffer.


3. invisibobble Christmas Candy Cane Hair Ties: $10

We love a festive stocking stuffer. And every Mane Addict could use a few more hair ties. So this candy cane shaped container filled with original hair rings should be on your shopping list.

Via Target

4. scunci Collection Scarf Satin Scrunchie: $8.60

Who couldn’t use a few more hair accessories – especially when they’re as cute as this satin tie from Target? This canary yellow floral accessory is a cute addition to any Christmas stocking.

Via Target

5. Butterfly Claw Clip Set: $5

Get a little 1990s with your gift giving this season. This 10 piece butterfly clip set is a steal at just $5.

Via Target

6. L. Erickson Large Laminated Jaw Hair Clip: $7

Effortless tortishell claw clips are a cool girl’s best friend – and we’re taking them into 2022. So naturally you should add one to your holiday shopping list.

Via Target

7. Mielle Organics Holiday Gift Set: $10

A gift set as a stocking stuffer? At just $10, you’ve got to do it. This 3 piece Mielle Organics set comes with moisturizing milk, a wide tooth comb, and a rice water deep conditioner – basically a starter pack for stellar strands.

Via Target

8. Drybar Hot Shots Heat Protectant Duo: $25

Salon-quality haircare formulated with Biotin, Vitamins B & C and UV blockers? This is a total drugstore steal. A lightweight detangler preps damp hair while the lightweight spray protects dry hair from heat styling – truly a dynamic duo.

Via Target

9. Kristin Ess Hair Sry Finish Working Texture Spray: $15

A texture spray is a necessary item, and that’s just a fact. So stuff your stockings with this drugstore-approved amazing spritz from Kristin Ess.


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