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9 Elle Fanning-Approved Hairstyles to Wear to Your Next Holiday Party

Holiday parties are no walk in the park– they’re serious business. Between finding something to wear and picking the perfect bottle of wine, these seasonal celebrations can be super stressful. But when it comes to styling your strands, Jenda over at 454 North Salon has got you covered. This celebrity stylist has been crafting some ideal holiday hair styles for our favorite Hollywood it-girl, Elle Fanning. Take a cue from red carpet royalty and rock one of these 9 hairstyles at your next winter festivity.

1. Bow-tied Pigtails

Pigtails aren’t just for kids, you know. Elle Fanning gave this grade-school style a major upgrade with a simple set of mint-green silk bow ties, the ideal accessory for your next holiday get-together. The key to this festive look is all in the face-framing: a few smooth strands add a necessary polished pop.

2. Braid Crown

When in doubt, go for a classic. A pretty plait is always a safe bet for a celebration. Take this staple style to the next level with some Elle-inspired floral embellishments.

3. French Twist

With a few loose strands and a whole lot of volume, Elle Fanning’s take on this French-girl favorite is playful, demure, and exactly what you need for those work-related holiday events.

4. Headband

In need of a last-minute look that doesn’t look last-minute? A decorative headband is your go-to. Elle Fanning’s Mui Mui number is ideal: something shimmery and silver gives plain tresses an instant allure.

5. Low Chignon

The 1940s called, they found your holiday hairstyle. This smooth, side-parted, low chignon is the Elle-approved look to copy if your seasonal celebration is more black tie than blue jeans.

6. 60s Half-Up

Everyone agrees: Elle Fanning rocks a retro look like no other. With a single silk tie, the actress took a simple half-up look from everyday casual to sixties chic. Pair this style with a little black shift dress for a holiday ensemble that’s perfect for any party.

7. Old Hollywood Glamor

We’re living for Elle’s iconic pin curls, the only hairstyle you need for any upcoming upscale events on your agenda. You’ll be the life of the party with these spotlight-stealing, Katharine Hepburn-esque tresses.

8. Ultra-Sleek

An ultra-sleek mane is a signature Elle Fanning style. Nothing is more versatile than super straight strands. Go simple and chic for a casual get-together, or dress up your smooth locks with a pair of glitzy barrettes for a fancier affair.

9. Ballerina Bun

With a jewel encrusted headband and a brilliant ballerina bun, Elle Fanning is serving us all of the Nutcracker inspo we need to survive the holiday festivities in style.

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