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9 Frizzy Hair Tips Jen Atkin’s Assistants Swear By

Working alongside the best brings Jen Atkin’s hair assistants Irinel de León and Amanda Lee that much closer to nailing the hair hacks you try so hard to even slightly comprehend. Luckily, they’re willing to share what they’ve learned while on the job with Atkin and her celebrity clients. Ahead, the duo share their favorite hacks and products for keeping frizz at bay on every hairstyle plus the best hot tools for frizzy hair types.

Photo: @amandaleehair

1. Sleek Hair Down Looks

To keep a sleek hair down style from frizzing up, use a heat protectant before using any hot tools. I love using the OUAI Memory Mist on each section before flat ironing hair. Make sure to take small sections and apply OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil to finish to help seal the style and add a ton of shine. 

2. Snatched Ponytails

Hair oil is your BFF for creating a snatched, frizz-free pony. Apply it directly on your scalp; only on the areas you’re going to brush back (the OUAI Hair Oil is great for this). Then using a small barbers brush, brush hair back into ponytail for a frizz-free and SHINY snatch.

3. Big, Voluminous Curls

To smooth frizzy flyaways without disrupting the curl formation, curl your hair and set it with a cool shot of air from your hair dryer. It helps lock in the heat style and tame any frizz.

4. Wispy Pieces on a Romantic Low Bun

When you’re leaving the front pieces out for a wispy effect on your romantic low bun, use a cream that helps tame them before stepping out or using hairspray since it will always kill any static and frizz.

5. French Braid Flyaways

Calm flyaways after a French braid with Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges. It provides instant polish and keeps all flyaways at bay.

6. Brushing Sans Frizz

Apply a creme or serum when your hair is wet and then brush through after as it helps the product evenly distribute through the hair and avoid frizz later while drying.

7. Flat Iron for Thin, Frizzy Hair

The GHD Gold Styler is great for thin, frizzy hair because it has one heat setting that works well with most hair types. 

8. Flat Iron for Thick, Frizzy Hair

BaByliss Pro Flat Iron gets a bit warmer than others which is great for hair that’s thicker and frizzy.

9. In-salon Treatments

When all else fails, get a Brazilian Blowout because it seals and smooths the cuticle of the hair for smooth, SHINY and frizz-free hair that lasts about three months.



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