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9 Outside-The-Box Gift Ideas for the Trendiest Mane Addict on Your List

Holiday gift-giving isn’t always easy. We’ve all got that one BFF that already has everything.  

When it comes to those hard-to-shop-for friends, you’ll need to think outside of the box. Unique styling tools, spa-centric bathing supplies, luxe perfumes and products- wonderful, wild holiday buys are sure to wow come Christmas morning. Surprise your finicky family members with a non-traditional holiday selection this season. 

So impress the trendiest Mane Addict on your list with these 9 totally unique gift ideas.

1. Fur Bare Necessities: $48

A body hair brand built for everyone. Grape seed, jojoba, tea tree: a whole host of natural oils make up this masterful set. This powerful duo helps heal bumps and razor burn, in addition to calming ingrown-prone skin.

Via Fur

2. Briogeo Rose Quartz Energy Comb: $112

Bring balance to your scalp and strands with this handcrafted styling tool. Sculpted from 100% pure rose quartz, this keepsake comb is a beautiful piece addition to any vanity. Specifically designed to bring gentle stimulation to the scalp and detangle knotted tresses, this crystal comb also clears negative energy and harmonizes your hair.

Via Briogeo

3. T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe Set: $100

Get retro with your gifting. A high-end set of hot rollers is the perfect addition to a modern woman’s wardrobe. Create soft glam waves and va-va-voom volume with these 8 luxe velvet curlers.

Via Ulta

4. Sephora Scalp Massager: $10

Happy hair starts at the scalp. This bristled, in-shower styling tool is totally on trend. A simple holiday selection for your hard-to-shop-for friends.

Via Sephora

5. Amika Flash Instant Shine Hair Gloss: $25

This isn’t your everyday average styling product. This fast-acting treatment gives any dull, diluted mane a much needed burst of shine in just 60 seconds time. A multipurpose mask unlike any other.

Via Sephora

6. Gisou Honey Hair Perfume: $83

Have you heard of hair perfume? Specially formulated with the brand’s classic Mirsalehi honey, Gisou’s sweet-scented fragrance is the perfect holiday pick-me-up.

Via Sephora

7.  Aquis Waffle Luxe Hair Turban: $30

Give your bestie a better way to dry. Protect weak wet hair and cut drying time in half with this thick hair approved product. Aquis technology is specifically designed to wick water away five times faster than a normal cotton towel.

Via Sephora

8. ESPA Modern Alchemy Set: $163

The soothing spa experience all tied up into one gorgeous package. Pamper your pals with a stress-relieving set. Grounding crystals, lotions, skin and strand oils: everything you need to relax over the holidays is wrapped up right here.



9. ghd Glide Smoothing Hot Brush: $169

Styling just got smarter. While your on-trend friends may have the hottest flat iron and a top notch hairdryer, the hot brush is on a whole other level. With ceramic technology and an iconic ionizer, ghd’s first ever hot brush tames, smooths, and styles strands to frizz-free perfection.

Via Sephora


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