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9 Trends You’ll See For Spring 2021

Spring is in the air and that means a change is in the hair!

After the mega upheaval in our lives that was 2020,  it’s no wonder that many are looking for a drastic mane makeover to differentiate this year from last. Because we’re always on the trend quest, we rounded up the styles on our radar come the vernal equinox.

Whether timeless faves or distinctly current, these trends are a definitive list of all the looks we’re hoping to see more of as the temperature rises, the sun stays out longer, and we all communally conquer our agoraphobia.

Bangs with Movement

Gone are the days of stiff bangs that looked upholstered to your forehand – in 2021 fringe highlights your features by framing your face, but you can still brush them to the side. The wisp, in other words, is in.



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Big Curly Ponies

Give this super flattering 90s trend a spin – braids are optional. Simply tease out your pony and enhance your curls. If your hair is already curly, enhance with Sky Organics and if you’re lacking in the wave dept, try the ever-convenient Lunata Cordless Convertible Curling Iron/Wand: $250



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The S-Wave

The S-Wave looks great on everybody. Even though part of its appeal is that it looks effortless, few are blessed with such well-defined coils. For those who need a bit of a push, do a deeply hydrating mask (SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Protein Power Treatment: $12.19 is an editor staple) because sometimes a little extra moisture is all your hair needs.


Mall Hair

Who doesn’t want to hang out all day in a mall like it’s 2019? Keep that energy going with the Mall Hair trend, a nod to the 80s-90s mall culture peak, this style is nothing if not fun-loving. Play around with accessories and a style you wouldn’t normally go for, like pigtails but to avoid looking too much like a flashback or a tween, keep it slick and styled. We rely on the Lunata Cordless Flatiron/Styler Plus: $185 for straightening on-the-go/absolutely anywhere (including the mall parking lot).



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Metallic Color

Add a metallic luminosity to color, whatever shade you choose. There’s no such thing as basic color when it’s glossed like it belongs on the periodic table. You don’t need a reminder – all tones look better with more shine.



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Supersized Braids

These ultra-wide and super long braids inspired by Poetic Justice are stunning on forever muse Issa Rae.


The Afro

The afro has been kept under wraps for too long. We’re glad the trend is making a comeback and hope to see more of this voluminous look through spring.



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Romantic Accessories

Make any style dreamy by adding the right hair accessories. The Bellefixe Martini Collection Hair Scarf: $14 gets you date-ready in one step.


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Curtain Highlights

The early aughts curtain highlights trend is back. Keep it extra contrasty to really have fun with the look – we’re all for this black and blonde mash-up.


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