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9 Fall Looks We Love From the ’90s

The ’90s was a definitive era for hair. Every style was given the spotlight at some point. The decade saw a plethora of styles, from hair accessories galore, mall-ready ponies, chunky highlights, and pink locks to minimal chignons, baby hairs, and box braids. Here are some of our favorite looks from the ’90s that make the ultimate fall hair trends to try. Which ’90s hairstyle will you start with?

1. Mall-Ready Pony

This preppy, bouncy pony is a basically a ’90s mall era TBT, done by stylist Justine Marjan.


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A post shared by justine marjan (@justinemarjan)

2. Madonna Pixie

Thirty years later, this cut (which is a total replica of Madonna’s) is just as relevant and stunning, by mane master Cash Lawless.


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A post shared by CASH LAWLESS (@cashlawlesshair)

3. Clip It Good

Hair accessories are everywhere, just like they were in the ’90s. Whether you just want to wear one or 20, it’s a great way to take your look from one to 10, seen here on a look from stylist Cash Lawless.

4. A Minimal Bun

The latter half of the ’90s were defined by sleek minimalism, best showcased by Gwyneth Paltrow—who would totally sport this low bun by stylist Ruslan.


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A post shared by Ruslan Nureev (@hairbyruslan)

5. Pretty in Pink

It seemed every alterna pop princess had pink hair in the ’90s, but Gwen Stefani probably did it best. Recreate the color, like this classic hue by stylist Shelley Gregory.


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A post shared by SHELLEY GREGORY (@shelleygregoryhair)

6. Bang On

Bangs were everywhere in the ’90s. We love the style when coupled with a dark shag, as sported on Halsey by stylist Florido.


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A post shared by halsey (@iamhalsey)

7. Chunky Highlights

Selena Gomez looks gorgeous in this refined chunky highlight look by colorist Riawna Capri, which are happily toned down 30 years later. We love this modern ’90s look!


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A post shared by Riawna Capri | Hairstylist (@riawna)

8. Bedazzled Baby Hairs

Bring baby hairs into the now by dressing them up with stick-on studs, like this look.

9. Box Braids

If you haven’t seen Poetic Justice, you really should—if for no other reason than Janet Jackson’s hairstyles. This classic from 1993 is iconic for box braids. The look hasn’t gone anywhere, and we love it just as much on Tessa Thompson by stylist Lacy Redway.

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