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90’s Hair Do’s and Don’ts


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Ashley Rubell
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Ashley Rubell

Ashley Rubell is a New York based hair stylist and contributing writer to Mane Addicts. Originally from Los Angeles, Ashley was trained at some of the best salons in Beverly Hills before making the move to NYC. She has assisted some of the leading names in our industry including Giannandrea, James Pecis, Eugene Souleiman, Guido Paulo and MA founder Jen Atkin. Her clients include Nike, Marie Claire, and Refinery 29. As a freelance hairstylist with a professional background in fashion PR and Marketing, Ashley loves the opportunity to learn about new products and brands, and share the unique stories of her peers, mentors, and clients that inspire her every day.When off set, she spends her time camping, traveling, and writing for mane addicts around the world.
Ashley Rubell
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90s hair dos and donts

If you live ANYWHERE, you’ve probably noticed that 90s fashion has made a major comeback. Just a couple weeks ago, I was walking in the East Village behind a group of four pre-teen girls and as Cher Fraser would say, “I totally paused.” They wore Tommy Hilfiger and Guess jeans, crop tops, small backpacks (probably filled with feather pens and lip smackers, I imagined), chokers, Dr. Marten boots, and soft fluffy manes held back in scrunchies. I could not believe my eyes.

When it comes to hair trends and fashion, let’s be honest with ourselves, we repeat history all. the. time. but I think every era deserves a set of guidelines, especially when it comes to our manes! So before we get too carried away with all these 90s comebacks, here’s a list of 90s-inspired hair do’s and don’ts.

90s comb headband

DO: Accessorize your mane with a headband or clip.

Melissa Joan Hart 90s Hair

DON’T: Accessorize your waves with stick-straight strands of hair.

NastyGal Half Up Topknot

DO: Half-up top knots (note: less is more). 

Britney 90s

DON’T: Crimped top knots. 

Rihanna Messy High Pony

DO: The naturally textured, messy high pony. 

Lizzie McGuire 90s Hair

DON’T: The un-naturally textured, messy high pony.

Braids and Headbands

DO: Use a headband to keep hair back, off your face.

Butterfly Clips

DON’T: Use butterfly clips to keep your hair back, off your face. 

Deep Side Part

DO: Side parts.

Cheesy 90's zig zag part

DON’T: Cheesy Zig-zag parts. 

What 90’s trend would you never try? Sound off below!

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