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90’s Hair Do’s and Don’ts

90s hair dos and donts

If you live ANYWHERE, you’ve probably noticed that 90s fashion has made a major comeback. Just a couple weeks ago, I was walking in the East Village behind a group of four pre-teen girls and as Cher Fraser would say, “I totally paused.” They wore Tommy Hilfiger and Guess jeans, crop tops, small backpacks (probably filled with feather pens and lip smackers, I imagined), chokers, Dr. Marten boots, and soft fluffy manes held back in scrunchies. I could not believe my eyes.

When it comes to hair trends and fashion, let’s be honest with ourselves, we repeat history all. the. time. but I think every era deserves a set of guidelines, especially when it comes to our manes! So before we get too carried away with all these 90s comebacks, here’s a list of 90s-inspired hair do’s and don’ts.

90s comb headband

DO: Accessorize your mane with a headband or clip.

Melissa Joan Hart 90s Hair

DON’T: Accessorize your waves with stick-straight strands of hair.

NastyGal Half Up Topknot

DO: Half-up top knots (note: less is more). 

Britney 90s

DON’T: Crimped top knots. 

Rihanna Messy High Pony

DO: The naturally textured, messy high pony. 

Lizzie McGuire 90s Hair

DON’T: The un-naturally textured, messy high pony.

Braids and Headbands

DO: Use a headband to keep hair back, off your face.

Butterfly Clips

DON’T: Use butterfly clips to keep your hair back, off your face. 

Deep Side Part

DO: Side parts.

Cheesy 90's zig zag part

DON’T: Cheesy Zig-zag parts. 

What 90’s trend would you never try? Sound off below!

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