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’90s Trend Alert: the Braided Tendril Is Totally Taking Off

Self-isolation is good for one thing and one thing only: keeping up-to-date on emerging tresse-trends. We’re using this WFH time to stockpile all of the summer inspiration we’ll need for the rest of the season. After hours of very scientific and academically rigorous research, we’ve pinned down the summer hair trend every Mane Addict needs to know: braided tendrils.

Carefully crafted to frame the face, these tiny invisi-braids are a ’90s chic dream come true. So read on for eight baby braid hairstyles we can’t wait to try this summer.

Best Baby Braid Tendril Hairstyles

There’s no one way to do baby braid hairstyles. That’s the great thing about the trend. While they’re fairly easy to recreate and look great on every hair type, you need to know the ones that look best for you. Scroll through the gallery now for all the braided tendril inspiration you need for your summer (and even fall) hairstyles.

Craving even more summer hairstyle inspo? Check out THESE braided summer hairstyles we’re loving on TikTok!

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