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The ’90s Zig-Zag Headband Is Back

We love a ’90s moment here at Mane Addicts. Butterfly clips, braided tendrils, some of our favorite of the moment looks are actually takes on trends from back in the day. So, naturally, when we saw this decades-old accessory make its way onto Euphoria last season, we were stoked. We’re talking about the zig-zag headband. This one is taking us back in the best possible way. Join in on this throwback trend with these seven accessories to buy right now.

1. Art Class 4 Pack Headband: $6

One of the greatest thing about this ’90s trend? It’s a great budget buy. This four piece set comes with a mix of basic and fun colors, complete with tiny star-shaped accents.

Art Class 4 Pack Headband

(via Target)

2. Zig-Zag Plastic Sharks Tooth Hair Comb Headband: $10.99

The comb headband is super versatile, so a basic set like this is an absolute must. A black or tortoiseshell zig-zag headband adds a retro aesthetic to any style.

Zig-Zag Plastic Sharks Tooth Hair Comb Headband

(via Walmart)

3. Assorted 2 Pack Accordion Headband: $18

We love the classic accordion structure of this two-piece neutral set. The flexible shape makes it easy to style with this accessory.

(via Nordstrom)

4. Urban Renewal Vintage Stretch Comb Headband: $10

A vintage buy for a vintage trend. This bright purple Urban Renewal comb headband will literally take you back in time.

(via Urban Outfitters)

5. Scünci Covered Headband: $3.99

Classic accessory brand Scünci should be your go-to for comb headbands. This fabric covered take on the trend is ideal for a comfortable fit.

Scünci Covered Headband

(via Target)

6. Wild Fable Heart Comb Headband: $4.25

Have you ever seen a cuter comb headband? Dotted with little lavender hearts, this clear zig-zag headband is just adorable.

(via Target)

7. 3 Piece Solid Headband: $2

We love this sculptural take on an old school accessory. These zig-zag headbands come in three totally chic colors.

(via Shein)

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