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A Complete Breakdown of the 9 Biggest Retro Hair Trends

There’s a retro revolution happening in the beauty industry. Stylists everywhere are reviving looks from decades passed, flooding our feeds with high ponies, micropixies, and feathered fringe. We’ve stockpiled enough vintage inspo to last a lifetime, so we’re breaking down the biggest #tbt trends, right here, right now. Read on for the rundown on every need-to-know retro trend you’ll want to rock this Spring.

1. Two-Toned Color

This 90s favorite has bounced back to the forefront of fashion, with celebs like Dua Lipa taking note. We love a cool color trend, so this dual-dye technique is on our radar for Spring. Two-toned hues are bold and rebellious in a super chic way.

2. 80s Curls

When it comes to retro aesthetics, you’ve gotta go big. And nothing was bigger than hair in the 80s. We’re going full glam this season, complementing larger-than-life curls with blinged out accessories and eye-catching ensembles.

3. The “Mia Farrow” Pixie

If large and loud isn’t quite your cup of tea, there’s an alternative retro route for you: the 60s pixie. Popularized by icons like Twiggy and Mia Farrow, these super short crops are not for the faint of heart.

4. Kicked-Out Bob

The kicked-out bob is back and better than ever, baby. With a few contemporary upgrades, this classic 50s cut is having a pop culture moment. A little extra volume at the roots and a slick side part takes this style from old school to next gen.

5. Kicked-In Bob

Another 90s style we’re reviving ASAP. Curved to perfection, the kicked-in bob is versatile to the extreme. Keep your strands smooth and sleek for the red carpet, then tousle those tresses for the afterparty. No matter which way you work it, the kicked-in bob is sure to stun.

6. Beehive

From the runway to the real world, the beehive is making a major comeback. This pompadour style has quite the pedigree. Divas from Aretha to Adele have ushered the beehive across the decades, so its clear this voluminous updo takes some serious star power to pull off.

7. Side Swoop

We could go on and on about the side swoop, the latest celeb favorite ‘do. This super smooth style can adapt to any affair: pair it with a half pony for a winning 60s-ensemble or side sweep those bangs into a blunt bob for a more modern aesthetic.

8. 70s Glamour Waves

Shiny, sleek, and super unique, 70s waves are the new go-to glamour. With just the right amount of bounce and body, these smooth strands are finely tuned, feathered-out perfection.

9. Vintage Fringe

When it comes to fringe, the 60s and 70s knocked it out of the park. As always, we’re taking face-framining inspo from new wave queens like Bridgette Bardot and Jane Birkin, opting for wispy, wavy, natural looking bangs.

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