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A Doctor Explains How to Save Your Hair from Gorilla Glue

By now you’ve probably seen the viral video of a woman, Tessica Brown from Louisiana, who put Gorilla Glue on her hair after she ran out of Got2b Glue Spray – and wound-up needing surgery in the process. Apart from being a ridiculous thing to do, swapping gel for Gorilla Glue is dangerous and can permanently damage your hair and scalp. Needless to say, it should never be a trend.

Luckily for Tessica, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng came to her rescue by volunteering to remove the glue from her scalp free of charge.

Like Wood or Glass

A month went by before Tessica, who reached for the glue when her fave hairspray ran out, was able to feel her hair again.  “I can’t even explain that feeling. If you didn’t go through that whole [ordeal], your hair being stuck like that for a month, nobody’s going to ever understand how I felt. I can’t even explain how I felt when I wasn’t able to do something simple that other people could do every day,” Tessica told PEOPLE.

If you can’t fathom how that must feel, Dr. Obeng compares it to housing an inanimate object on your head. “Imagine what it’s like to have your scalp constantly under tension for a whole month. The hair was all matted down and stuck to the scalp, and you can’t move it, it’s like wood or glass,” he shared with the outlet.

Dr. Obeng relied on his background in chemistry to craft an anecdote to the glue, which he applied over 4 hours to Tessica’s scalp and hair, while she was outfitted for surgery.



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No Hair Was Harmed

“My backup plan was, if everything else fails, then I might have to do a surgical haircut. But this solution was great and I was able to untangle the hair,” he explained to PEOPLE. “We started with cutting the ponytail, and we were able to dissolve the glue. Then we start working our way all the way into the scalp. And then we washed it out and put oil in it just to make sure that it doesn’t go back. It was very painstakingly done. We did not cause any harm. And we’re able to save a lot of the hair follicles.”

Despite a successful removal, Tessica isn’t totally out of the woods yet and she has been instructed to treat her hair with extreme care, only using natural oils and mild shampoo, and certainly not glue (no, not even Elmer’s).


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Embracing the Natural

The takeaway is hopeful, however. Tessica now understands the beauty in her natural hair, and regrets shellacking it to her scalp in the name of conforming to straighter standards. “I just want everybody, the women my age, the women older than me, the little children, my children — we need to really realize our hair really don’t make us,” she says. “If I would’ve just left out of here without spraying [the Gorilla Glue], it would’ve gotten messed up, I wouldn’t have went through all of this. It’s not worth it at all.”



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Skip the glue and also the silicone. A derm explains why, HERE.

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