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HAIR TO WEAR WHERE: A Hairstyle for Every Wedding

It’s official, wedding season has commenced! Whether you’re attending a classic ballroom affair, country barn vows, a retro party, or island wedding, we got you covered! The key is to choose a style that coincides well with the special day.



This look is lovely for any black tie wedding that calls for a floor-length gown. It offers a refined pulled back feel that keeps your hair out of the way, while providing a sleek and regal outcome. An ornate and bejeweled broche can spice up the bun and add a classy touch.



A style for the country wedding, where less is more and braids are definitely the norm. We suggest a fish tail braid. This braid shows off a more rustic variation from the traditional 3-strand. For extra flair, adorn with babies breath or our favorite flower or greenery. This is a great way to add a little something unique to an ordinary braid.



Is your friend marrying her love in a Brooklyn park in a vintage 70’s gown? Then style your mane with an indie vibe. A middle part with cascading waves never disappoints. Just make sure to keep the ends relaxed and straight to avoid looking too ‘done.’



Perfect for the tropical beach wedding. There is nothing more that comes to mind to compliment a sandy island wedding than a textured high pony. This is great to keep hair off the neck and prevent it from getting tangled in the wind. Add more volume to the top and keep the sides sleek for a more sophisticated finish.

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