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A Playful Look at Wet Hair at Hood by Air SS17


HBA Amy Farid SS17

Hood by Air’s SS17 collection did not disappoint. With oversized garments in blacks, whites, and greys, each model looked like they stepped out of Rhianna’s squad.

HBA Amy Farid SS17

“The inspiration [for the hair] was this idea of mischievous children getting into various beauty products,” said lead stylist Amy Farid for Bumble and bumble. “We want them to look a little awkward and it’s like Hood By Air are the mischievous children in this whole fashion world.”

HBA Amy Farid SS17

The models wore slicked and gelled hair looks that were creatively placed on the head.

To create the look, create a deep side part and apply Bb.Curl Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil from roots to end, painting the Bb.Curl Gel-Oil on section by section. Take 3-4 sections at the side part and place them over the hair, creating graphic lines.”

HBA Amy Farid SS17


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