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A Recap of AfroPunk Summer ’16

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AfroPunk is all about self-love and boundless expression. Last weekend, thousands attended the end-of-summer music fest donning their most unique garb and rocking awe-inspiring hairdos. This isn’t your typical flower crown festival; this shindig delivers on epic style! If you ever get the chance to attend, you will find that AfroPunk is not just about the music, but more so about soul, authenticity, and culture. And you can’t talk AfroPunk culture without talking about hair. The festival serves as a safe place where folks with natural hair can blend in, stand-out, and show off their funkiest hairstyles! To get more insight to what happened at this year’s AfroPunk, we spoke with natural hair expert Devri Velazquez of Naturally Curly, to give us the deets. See highlights of our convo below!

Devri Valazquez (right) at AfroPunk
Devri Valazquez (right) at AfroPunk


“This year’s Brooklyn fest flooded with majestic vibes all throughout the park. The body art, the fringe, the glitter and beads… it all was such a dazzling sight to see.”

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“A lot of platinum blond bald fades, which I’m assuming is inspired by Frank Ocean’s newest album, Blond. A lot of freeform locs as well.”

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“[My favorite celeb look was] Janelle Monae rocking her classic bouffant bang and a lustrous, long ponytail swinging back and forth.”

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Check out Devri’s full recap on  NaturallyCurly.com.

Images photographed by Hortencia Caires/ @Stylefeen, NaturallyCurly.com

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