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This Woman-Owned Beauty Brand Is Revolutionizing the Wig Industry

We’ll be the first to admit we’ve had a wig snafu or two (or more, who is counting?) in the past. Securing faux strands presents one hell of a challenge and often involves a multitude of products: bobby pins, wig glue, hair caps, and various adhesive sprays. Home hacks and remedies might do the trick, but there has to be an easier way to wig, right? Enter The Renatural, the innovative new company behind the Wig Fix, a simple solution to all of your wig woes.

The Wig Fix is a medically-approved silicone band that is specifically designed to secure your wig without damaging your strands or scalp. The unique, patent-pending construction is super easy to apply. Simply slip it on at the edge of your hairline for roller-coaster-proof wig security that is truly astonishing. The band is designed for universal use and fits all head sizes between 17 and 25 inches. And if that isn’t enough, the Wig Fix can be reused for up to two whole years. Is your mind blown yet?

At the heart of this revolutionary start-up company is CEO and founder Aasiyah Abdulsalam, a self-described kinda, sorta Londoner with a penchant for problem-solving. We sat down with the beauty mastermind to discuss The Renatural, the Wig Fix, and the state of the beauty business.

Mane Addicts: How did you get started in the beauty industry?

Aasiyah Abdulsalam: I think it all started in my early teens. I was addicted to beauty and hair YouTube channels, but a lot of the products at the time didn’t cater to my hair and skin so I loved discovering new hacks and products through my favourite content creators.

MA: The Wig Fix is such an innovative solution to an age-old problem. How did you come up with the idea?

AA: Thank you so much. It’s my brainchild so that means a lot, especially from Mane Addicts! Basically, I wrote my undergraduate dissertation about the wig industry. I knew the sourcing and distribution methods were super unethical and complicated, and I wanted to explore that further with formal research. By the time I submitted it I was obsessed and so confused as to why such an expansive and creative industry could have so little development over the years. The last major invention in the wig industry was the ventilation technique created in 19th century in Paris—seriously. I wrote down a list of ideas that I thought could solve the numerous pain points in the industry. 

Then finally in 2018, I had the most awful wig experience in Las Vegas. The heat, wig glue, and grips were an awful mix and that was the final push I needed to actually start creating these products.

MA: How did you come up with this unique design? 

AA: I was raised with a ‘you can do anything approach’ (who knew that the obscene amount of compliments from my grandmother growing up would have such an effect). So I conceptualised the idea and sketched out the designs. Then I began deeply researching the types of materials that I would use. Silicone has been used for decades in the medical industry to treat burns and other skin conditions, and it also has a natural frictional adhesion gripping ability. So that was the perfect marriage for this type of product. I was also inspired by beauty brands that use soft silicone for skin-enhancing effects like KNC Beauty and Sio Silicone. 

The design was created through multiple rounds of trial and error. I knew I needed multiple curves to enhance the gripping ability so that’s how the frilly design was developed (the product had to look cute too). I went back and forth with the number and size of the silicone nodes on each Wig Fix. The thickness was also a factor because that affected the colour of the Wig Fix (I want it to be completely seethrough and glass-like). I also ran focus groups with our preliminary samples to gather direct feedback from the product’s potential audience. Speaking to design experts I found on Upwork and through my university alumni contacts at LSE helped as well.

MA: Are there other problems in the beauty industry that you would like to see addressed?

AA: Totally, the beauty of the beauty industry is that brands are constantly evolving, researching, and developing new products/formulas and ways of doing things. I want to take the same approach with the wig industry, which has always kind of been left behind. My (long) one-liner is ‘The Renatural is disrupting the wig industry by introducing innovative, never-before-seen, proprietary products to the industry that finally have a focus on functionality, design, and the customer experience.’ Emphasis on the customer experience part. Now that we have a community of over 50,000 wig lovers on our various channels, I see a lot of future product developments being co-created with the direct feedback from our niche but highly-engaged community.

MA: What’s next for The Renatural? Do you have any plans for additional products?

AA: Definitely creating products and methods that alleviate the current pain points in the wig industry and also expanding the distribution of the Wig Fix. I want our product and all of its benefits to be accessible to wig wearers everywhere. I’m actually developing a new product now and I love this birthing stage. Can’t wait to share it with you guys soon!

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