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Add Rose Water to Your Hair Routine with These 6 Products

We’re always on the lookout for a new miracle ingredient. The latest addition to our haircare routines? Rose water. A super-powered plant product distilled from rose petals. This fragrant ingredient soothes and strengthens, an excellent component of any leave-in conditioner or refreshing hair mist. The timeless fragrance is just an added bonus. A boost of radiance is just seconds away with the help of a little rose water for your hair.

Want to add some rose water into your haircare routine? Here are the very best rose water hair products to try!

1. Christophe Robin Instant Volume Mist with Rose Water: $25

Need a little pep in your tresses? Rose water to the rescue. Christophe Robin’s quick volumizing mist densifies your strands at the roots to create long lasting body.

Via Christophe Robin

2. Carol’s Daughter Cactus Rose Water Lightweight Conditioner: $11

Fight flat-falling hair without sacrificing moisture. With the help of a little rose water, Carol’s Daughter’s lightweight conditioner locks in moisture and lifts your locks for all day volume and shine galore.

Via Carol’s Daughter

3. Panteen Nutrient Blends Miracle Moisture Boost Rose Water Soft Hair Treatment: $7

Nothing like a mask to keep your mane in check. Rose water forms the basis of this thirst-quenching treatment, with a deeply nourishing formula designed to smooth and soften strands in just one use.

Via Target

4. Aveeno Rose Water and Chamomile Blend Shampoo: $7

Colloidal oat extract, rose water, and chamomile combine to form an ultra-luxe shampoo at a drug store price.  Sooth your scalp and impart your strands with a burst of bounce and hydration using this farm-fresh product.

Via Target

5. Tgin Rose Water Smoothing Leave-In Conditioner: $15

Brighten your dull, dim strands with a shine-enhancing leave-in treatment. This rose water-infused treatment seals your tresses with serious hydration.

Via Ulta

6. Diptyque Eau Rose Hair Mist: $55

A little bit of rose goes a long way. Impart your mane with a soothing scent from one of our favorite perfumer’s and reap the benefits of this powerful plant at the same time.

Via Diptyche

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