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Why TikTok Star Addison Rae Went Dark For Summer

Addison Rae is arguably the most popular female on TikTok right now.

Her 50+ millions of followers help each of her dance videos rack up even more millions of views. Everyone on the platform pays attention to her every move, so it’s no surprise that people started talking when she decided to switch up her hair color. Celebrity colorist and Redken Ambassador Cassondra Kaeding shares the beauty’s new formula and why TikTok princess Addison Rae decided to go darker.

The Inspo

“Addison Rae had some highlights that she wanted to get rid of,” begins Cassondra. Addison Rae’s color had been blonde for a while and she wanted to go “deeper” says Cassondra. Addison was also looking for something that wouldn’t fade instantly, and Cassondra knew just the thing.

The Fill + Formula

“We needed to fill the color so it would last longer,” explains Cassondra. As a first step, she used a semi-permanent color that had no ammonia. “It’s actually a wheat protein so it makes hair shinier,” Cassondra continues. Cassondra then went on to use Redken Shades’ newest formula on Addison Rae. “I used Redken Shades 7M and half 5N. I applied it from roots to mids, then through the ends for that nice, shiny, deep look,” Cassondra expertly details.

Bye Bye Warmth

The Redken ambassador also explains that Addison Rae didn’t want any warmth. Addison’s second priority was that the color would stick. For these reasons, Cassondra opted for this two-part process of filling hair with a semi-permanent hair color followed by Redken Shades. The expert needed to make sure this color job wouldn’t a gloss touch-up in the very near future.

The result was a complete success and Addison Rae has been rocking her new, vibrant hue for weeks. We can’t wait to see where Cassondra takes her next.

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