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Addison Rae’s Colorist Cassondra Kaeding Breaks Down the Superstar’s ‘Obsessed’ Music Video Look That Has Everyone, Well, Obsessed

Our favorite TikTok star’s “Obsessed” music video dropped a couple weeks ago, but tongues are still wagging—leading us to get to the bottom of her vixen-like aesthetic, namely how to get Addison Rae’s hair color.

While the vampy red she sports in the video is next-level fire (pun intended), we’ve decided to focus on the blonde, since it’s more attainable and realistic for the everyday consumer. Here to give us the lowdown is none other than Addison’s own colorist, Cassondra Kaeding. Keep reading for everything to know about how to get Addison’s hair color in the “Obsessed” music video.

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How the Color Direction Came to Be

It goes without saying, but Cassondra explains that the goal for Addison’s “Obsessed” look was efficiency—saving time and avoiding permanent harm.

“The color for the video was chosen by Addison’s music creative director and her team,” the colorist tells Mane Addicts. “They came to me with their vision, and we spoke about what was realistic and how blonde we could get her in one sitting without damaging her hair. The team had full faith in me and let me do my work as a colorist. I think the color is great for Addison’s skin tone.”

The Process

It’s hard to believe, but achieving the now-sought-after look wasn’t as time-consuming as you may think. Guess that’s why you should always leave your hair in the hands of the pros!

“This process took two sittings,” Cassondra says. “One big highlight process and one follow-up. The majority of the work was done in the full highlight appointment of about three hours. The follow-up was to add a few extra pieces to pop, a gloss for tone and shine, and then a conditioning treatment.”

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How to Replicate the Color on Your Own

Addison’s look isn’t difficult to achieve, but Cassondra only advises trying it on particular natural hair hues.

“This color is a dimensional golden light blonde,” she says. “Keeping the depth makes the golden blonde highlights pop. I recommend this color for medium to light brunettes who want to make a change without over-processing their hair. The key to this look is the dimension. The combination of leaving a root and pockets of color gives the hair life and moment. I didn’t want her hair to look flat.”

If you’re obsessed (see what we did there?!) with all things Addison, click HERE for our in-depth interview with the star, where we transformed her into a ’90s goddess!  

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