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*Adds to Cart: 9 Super Cute Scrunchies to Perk Up Your Pony

In our new series *Adds to Cart, we highlight the newest, must-have products that our Mane Addicts editors are obsessing over. From that can’t-live-without hair mask to cutting edge hot tools–we review all the latest and greatest hair finds right here so you know what to buy. They’re so good, you’ll definitely want to *Add to cart too.

Nothing transforms a look quite like a scrunchie. Whether you want to make a statement with velvet, go glam with bling, keep it chic and understated with nude tones, or rock all black, a scrunchie is the single item that will translate your hair look for you. We rounded up our favorite scrunchies, which have happily blasted off from the 80s past to arrive firmly grounded in the present. The question is not to scrunchie or not to scrunchie, but which scrunchie to choose. Here are our all-season scrunchie faves we’re adding to cart.

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Scrunchies have always been a fave. Check out our other classic faves from the 00s, HERE.

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