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Meet This Hairstylist Who Turned His After School Hobby Into a Career

Meet Adi Nujeidat–an International hair designer and stylist whose vision is to make people happy. Adi is passionate about making the world a more beautiful place and he believes that he can achieve that through his hair art. Adi is the co-owner and Artistic Director of Y Gallery Salon in SoHo, NYC, and he’s taught master styling classes, styled hair for television, and worked for international magazines like Vogue Italy, and Chaos Magazine. And now, he can add Mane University to his growing list of accomplishments after joining us in NYC for our Mane University session with Bumble and Bumble. Adi got his first pair of clippers at the age of 13, so clearly Adi knows a thing or two about his craft. We caught up with Adi after he attended his first Mane University session to hear what he learned and how his business has changed for the better!

Adi Nujeidat Hair Stylist NYC

How has Mane University helped you grow your business?

The Mane University event at the Bumble and Bumble house gave me many tips on how to use the products and tools. And, sharing this knowledge with my clients has helped me grow my retail sales.

What was the event like? What did you learn?

It’s always nice to get together with different hair stylists from across the industry. Mane University brings together so many different people who are looking at the profession from different angles. This was really fascinating to see!

Did you get time to talk to Scotty Cunha and Laurent Philippon?

I did, and it was an honor to exchange a few words each of with them. Laurent did something really inspirational and I was curious to hear his vision because it was a unique experience for me.

Adi Nujeidat Hair Stylist Pink Hair

What was your favorite technique you learned at Mane University?

Scott can strongly deliver with such simple techniques that I now use them everyday at the salon. Laurent is artistic which opens your mind to a different level. It is the best of both worlds and it was an honor to be in the class.

Did you learn anything new that you didn’t know before?

I learned how to interact with art and business at the same time.

What do you love about Bumble and Bumble?

With Bumble and Bumble there are endless possibilities to create what you want and to achieve any result you can imagine without overloading the hair with product. I use them everyday on our clients and I bring them on photoshoots — Bumble and Bumble works every time and for each hair time.

Would you recommend Mane University to other stylists?


Would you attend another Mane University? Who or what else would you like to learn from / about?

I would to go again to learn. It’s always good to refresh yourself on the latest trends. I’m looking forward to seeing more and be part of this world.

When did you get started in hair? Why?

I started cutting hair at an early age. I was 13 when my dad brought clippers home to my mom so we could cut our hair to save a little bit of money. I was fascinated with how such a small machine could completely transform the look of a person. I liked that idea and with my curiosity I started to play. I began to pay attention to people’s hair and noticed details about what they looked like. Cutting hair was my everyday habit after school and I even started charging for it.

Adi Nujeidat Hair Stylist Pink Hair

Who did you train under?

Shuki Zekeri, was the first beauty school I attended. After some years in my profession I moved to live in Europe and studied at Toni&Guy Oxford London and Bertram K Vienna, which were great experiences to add to my skills. It’s important to me to continue learning and refreshing my vision. Early in my career I took classes with local artists and I’ve taken many master classes too. I liked every piece of advice I have heard around me and I like to take it to the next level.

What do you love about Mane University?

Mane University brings the latest tips and tricks. The event is fun and gives you so much knowledge to share about the products. There is a lot of participation from the guests and the end result is very beautiful!

 Who is your icon in the industry? 

I like Maison Gerard Laurent from France. This is one of my favorite hairstylists in the world. We once did a hair show in Tel Aviv together and it was a great experience to be on stage with him. Bertram K is one of my biggest icons too.

What is is the biggest piece of advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I ever got was to enjoy the process. We go through a lot as humans and I always wanted to get to the next thing. I needed to learn to value the process. Now can I enjoy seeing how things are happening and moving toward the thing you want.

What keeps you motivated?

Growing up in a large family with a lot of kids I always wanted to shine bright. In that way, motivation was something I was born with — and my passion drives me to create the best thing. I’m very inspired by other people and in New York there are so many varieties of people with different styles and backgrounds to be inspired by. 

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