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Adir Abergel Created Hair Accessories Like We’ve Never Seen


Today, Mane Master Adir Abergel officially launched his line of hair accessories in collaboration with Lelet NY and we could not be more obsessed with his stunningly unique creations. Abergel, who is known for his ability to turn everyday items like elastics, bobby pins, jewelry and fishing wire into works of hair art, partnered with Lelet NY designer Sara Bieler Sasson to create a 15 piece line of highly unique and exquisitely made pieces. Like jewelry for your hair, the beautifully designed metal pieces are romantic and surprising and are perfect for red-carpet level glam. In fact, you  may have already seen a few of the pieces on red carpets this season as he debuted them on clients like Kristen Stewart, Bryce Howard and Vanessa Kirby.


Abergel says of the collection “I wanted to celebrate women’s self expression with these pieces, the same way I approach working with my clients. My passion for my work and what I hope comes through with Adir x Lelet NY is really with the person that’s in my chair and that relationship and confidence we build together.”


“Designers like Saint Laurent and Calder could take a simple metal and make it look alive, that’s what I wanted to do for this collaboration.” – Adir Abergel


It’s nearly impossible for us to pick a clear favorite from this collection but we have a strong feeling we will see those chains a lot this year. Oh, and if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift (to yourself) or un-boring bridal hair accessories, I think you’ve just found it. 


Follow Adir and Lelet NY for more inspiration and photos.


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