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MANESPIRATION: Holiday Braids with Adir Abergel

It’s no secret that Mane Master Adir Abergel is the modern master of braids. With over 20 years in the industry and an impressive way of working unique braids and texrtures into celebrity and red carpet hairstyles, his Moroccan background offers him a fresh worldly perspective to hair and beauty. So when we asked him to share his holiday hair inspiration with us, of course his first response was braids!

“Braids are a great way to create texture and diversification in the hair,” he says. “When you create a braid, you are creating a very different texture. They are a really nice way to create architecture in any hairstyle, and they bring out different reflections by the way the bends absorb light.”

“I pull a lot of inspiration from American Indian tribes, African American hairstyles, and natural textures in hair, then play with them by making the braids super shiny or opening up the braid and giving it more of a rougher texture.”

“I also think braids are a really great way to add both an amount of toughness to a hairstyle and at the same time an incredible amount of softness,” depending on the way they are approached and the finishing techniques. For example, when worn very loose with flyaways the braid may feel soft and romantic, whereas when they are worn very sleek, shiny, and tight, they may give a more masculine final feel.

Adir’s interpretation from the references of inspirational images he graciously shared with us can be seen on many of his A-list clients, such as Rooney Mara’s recent gold twine braid, Reese Witherspoon’s red carpet knots, and Kristen Stewart’s rocker texture. The way Adir translates his appreciation for traditional, tribal, and diverse cultures varies depending on the canvas he works on, the clothing, and the occasion that the style is worn, but all in all, he proves that a willingness to embrace a worldly view can result in a beautiful outcome.


“I really love Maui Wowie by Philip B., Oribe Dry Texture Spray, bobby pins and hair pins!”

Check out Adir rocking braids himself below!

Adir Abergel Braids


To learn how to create braids and texture from Adir firsthand, be sure to attend Mane University December 13, 2015 in Los Angeles. Reserve your seat here!

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