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HOW-TO: Adriana Lima’s Sleek Bow by Jennifer Yepez

Adriana Lima Bow Hairstyle by Jennifer Yepez

Leave it to a Victoria’s Secret model to shut down the catwalk at any runway and last night’s amfAR Gala in NYC was no exception. With a gorgeous red dress that boasted a bow in the back, hairstylist Jennifer Yepez accentuated the total look by creating a bow in her hair!

Adriana was wearing a beautiful red Marchesa dress and it had a detailed bow that had to be seen. So to show it off, so we decided to do an up-do and as an homage to the beautiful dress, we made a bow with Adriana’s beautiful, long hair,” says Jennifer.


To get this look,  prep your damp hair with Nexus ProMend Heat Protecting Mist. Begin spraying mid shaft down to the end. Then use Kerastase Mousse Bouffanteapplying from root to end.

Then, rough dry your hair and use a flat brush or a Mason Pearson to get it nice and flat/straight.

When you finish blow-drying the hair straight, make a center part with your tail comb. Once you have your center part, spray Kerastase Laque Couture to the front of your hair, making it nice and sleek. Then, with your Mason Pearson brush pull the hair back into a pony tail.

Once you have your ponytail, section it into two sections. Take your first section and comb it through to where it’s very sleek. Then use your hairspray and spray the section until it’s completely wet half way down. Then use your blow dryer to dry the hairspray, keeping the section very clean, tight and together.

Once it’s dry, make a loop with this section to start your bow and use an elastic band to secure the loop.     

Once you have secured the first loop, repeat the same on the next section and make another loop and secure the loop with an elastic band. Now you have two loops like a bow.

Take a small section from the pieces that are hanging down and wrap it around where you see the elastics—that way, you cover them and it looks as if you only used hair to make the bow.  Wrap your hair around the elastic to cover it and use small pins to pin the hair in place.

When the bow is made, use your flat iron and straighten the two loose pieces handing down from the bow-tie. This will ensure they are super clean and sleek. Then, use Nexus Oil Infinite on the two ponytails that are hanging down from the bow to make it super glossy and nourish the hair on the ends.

To finish off the look, spray Kerastase K Gloss Appeal all over the bow and on the top to give it a beautifully polished shine.”

Follow @jennifer_yepez for more #manespiration.

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