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The Cheapest Beauty Products Inside Top Celeb Stylists’ Kit

Celebs pay a pretty penny to get red carpet-worthy hair on the regular, whether they’re going on a Whole Foods run or singing to a sold-out crowd. Only the best of the best hair products touch their hair, which we assume means the most expensive. But not all key ingredients to these million dollar manes would burn a hole in your pocket, we were surprised to find out. Celebrity hairstylists Justine Marjan, Ryan Richman, Luke Hersheson, and Josh Liu, told us about the affordable hair products they always keep in their kit—keep scrolling to see their budget-friendly must-haves now.

Justine Marjan: Celebrity hairstylist to the Kardashians, Shay Mitchell, and Olivia Culpo

Budget-friendly kit must-have: I’m obsessed with TRESemmé Repair and Protect 7 Pre-Styling Spray ($5)! I use it before almost every blowdry, to detangle, and as a cutting lotion for haircuts.

Why it’s major: It’s one product that is effective for so many uses! It protects from heat, sun damage, color fading, rehydrates, repairs split ends, detangles, and leaves the hair shiny and silky without being heavy.

Favorite way to use it: I use it before I brush out wet strands because it adds a nice slip to the hair that won’t snag or pull. TRESemme repair and protect 7 pre styling spray budget friendly hair products celebrity hairstylist justine marjan affordable hair products

(via Target)

khloe kardashian wavy hair beach waves justine marjan

(via Justine Marjan)

Ryan Richman: Celebrity hairstylist to Ashley Tisdale, Sarah Hyland, and Maise Williams

Budget-friendly kit must-have: Conair Polybands – Small elastics ($3.50)

Why it’s major: I use these almost everyday in black and clear for tying braids, ponytails, knots and buns. I couldn’t live without them.

Favorite way to use it:  I like using them for knots and letting the elastic show. conair polybands hair ties budget friendly hair products celebrity hairstylist ryan richman affordable hair products

sarah hyland bun hairstyle ryan richman chloe and isabel bun cuff

(via Ryan Richman)


Luke Hersheson: Creative Director for Hershesons

Budget-friendly kit must-haves:
Why they’re major:
  • When I want to go from oily to dry multiple times on a shoot, Batiste Dry Shampoo really works for me and manages to make the oiliest hair back to matte again.
  • The Hershesons snag-less elastics are the only elastics that don’t break the hair and I can reuse them over and over again on the same model without breaking her hair. They are also invisible so they’re easy to hide when I put hair up.
  • The original and still the best, Elnett Hairspray is in every drug store in Europe and it’s cheap as chips. I can’t use any other hairspray. With this, hair literally gets better and better and more workable the more I use it. I typically go through a can every day. For me, hair is never its best before it’s had lashings of Elnett on it.


(via Luke Hersheson)

Josh Liu: Celebrity hairstylist on how to get the best ponytail

Budget-friendly kit must-have: I think the most inexpensive and super useful tool in my kit is my 2mm Elastic Cord sold at most arts and crafts stores. It’s an arts and crafts supply but you can use it for tying ponytails. It’s a much cheaper alternative than buying hooked bungee chords which can add up, especially Ricky’s bungees which only have 6 per pack. I get my elastic cord by the spool from Joann or Amazon, which typically lasts a solid year worth of ponytails. A 72 yard spool of 2mm elastic cord is typically under $10. Make sure the elastic cord is at least 2mm — if it’s too thin the cord will snap while you’re tying it tight, and if it’s too thick, it may bulk up too much at the base.

Why it’s major: The elastic cord allows you to customize your ponytail and make it as tight as you want it. You can use it for any type of pony, whether super sleek and tight, or loose & wavy. It won’t loosen up throughout the day like a normal hair tie. It’s also super nifty to help secure a ponytail wrap– you can add an elastic cord to both sides of the wrap and tie both sides to the base of the ponytail so it won’t go anywhere! You can slip the elastic cord through the wefting near the wrap base on both sides, or if there’s a netting, puncture a hole on each side and slide the elastic cord.

Favorite way to use it: I like to use a bungie to tie a sleek pony and help prop it up by building the base of the pony by wrapping the elastic over and over to my desired liking. My tip for tying a super secure ponytail using an elastic cord is to wrap 3 times around the base and tie it (loop the knot 3 times before you tie it down) then wrap again 3 times and tie it (loop the knot 3 times before you tie it down, and secure it with another tie down looping the knot 2 times, then tie it one last time with one knot). I like to then make a quick hair wrap to cover the cord. elastic cording amazon hair ponytail tie hair ties celebrity hairstylist josh liu ariana grande ponytail affordable hair products

(via Amazon)

ariana grande high ponytail josh liu

(via Josh Liu)

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