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6 Tips to Slay New Year’s Eve Hair on a Budget

A baby-small budget doesn’t beget a fancy New Year’s Eve ‘do, or so you’d think. All it takes to ring in the New Year with a chic hairstyle is a pinch of creativity and a few multipurpose products. Here we show how to nail the party look on a budget, so you can plunge into the new year with a full piggy bank, and some fierce evidence that you can pull off a pretty style without splurging. Scroll below for affordable ways to win at New Year’s Eve hair on a budget.

Get Some Baby Gel

Do as Selena Gomez’s hairstylist Marissa Marino does and slick back an updo with baby gel for a polished look.


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Raid Your Pantry

Before you set out to slay New Year’s Eve hair, give your ‘do a heaping dose of moisture. If you own honey, you’re already set. Follow one of these DIY honey hair recipes or this pumpkin hair mask to soften and repair before it’s time to style.

Buy a Multi-Use Brush

Smooth foundation secured. Next, decide what style you’re shooting for. Straight, wavy, curly—get any and all the looks with a multi-tasking brush, like the Fromm Square Thermal Rounder Brush. The handy tool does it all while cutting dry time in half but without damaging your hair.

Or Sleep In Foam Rollers

Pop some foam rollers into damp hair, rolling under from ends to roots. Go about your day or sleep in them, then admire your soft curls upon removal.

Make an Accessory

Make your mane glisten with one of our favorite shimmery hair products, a pretty DIY-made bow, or garland headband from the local craft store.

Bring the Bobby Pins

Go wild with the bobby pins for a chic look that guarantees no flyways till dawn. They’re the easiest way to create New Year’s Eve hair on a budget.

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