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WHAT TO BUY: The New AG Sea Complex Line

AG Sea Complex Products for Texture

Chances are you’ve heard of AG Hair Care; but AG’s newest texture collection screams major revamp. Infused with a signature sea complex, each product is naturally clarifying, with ingredients like anti-aging seaberry oil and texturizing giant sea kelp which strengthens the hair. Not to mention, the packaging is chic as hell with gorgeous florals floating behind minimal text and simple fonts. And to be honest, we want our products to be just as chic as we are—worthy of our bathroom selfie and gorg enough to blend in with our home decor. But that’s literally only the first draw to this amazing new line of hair care. Let’s not forget to mention the entire line is cruelty-free, paraben-free, salt-free, DEA-free, gluten-free, and papa-free. Plus, certified by PETA, so we’re def all in (vegans rejoice!).

AG Cleansing Cream

So all hair routines start with shampoo and conditioner, right?! Not with AG. They’re revolutionizing the way we wash with a cleansing cream. So what is a cleansing cream exactly? It’s a foam-free hair wash that takes the place of traditional shampoo and conditioner. This creamy formula is designed for dry or brittle strands that need extra nourishment. Bonus? The pH balanced formula means strands are less stressed, the cuticle is closed, and hair is more shiny and manageable.

AG Sea Spray

Post cleanse, treat your strands with AG Sea Spray. While most of us LOVE a good sea salt spray, you may find that the salt dries out your strands, leaving hair brittle. Well, not the case with AG. This Sea Spray is infused with giant sea kelp, which strengthens the hair, combined with potassium chloride extracted from the ocean, which gives the hair a salt water like finish. Our fav way to use? Mist on damp strands and let air dry for the perfect beach babe finish.

AG Texture Gloss

Curly girls rejoice, because the AG Texture Gloss is designed for you! OK, not juuuust for you, because it’s a great finishing product for all hair types, but curly girls will especially love this gooey styling aid that gives touchable hold and moisture. Not to mention, the scent is super subtle and refreshing. (Can we all agree that strong fruity scents are SO over?!).

AG Dry Wax

Finish your perfect lived-in tresses with the AG Dry Wax. This is literally the answer to your hair prayers, giving strands a matte, textured finish with medium hold. Scrunch it in, spray on the roots, and give your hair a second day finish. Irish moss promotes a healthy scalp and naturally conditions the hair while bladderwack seaweed gives healthy texture.

Launching this March, this ocean-inspired line fulfills our island hair goals just in time for summer. We can’t wait for you to try it and hear what you think.

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