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It’s Time to Add Agave to Your Hair Products

Agave is the conditioning boost we didn’t know we needed, but now we’re living for it. To fill you in on what this ultra-sweet sugar alternative can do for your mane, we tapped the man who has literally made it his business, and created an entire brand devoted to the hair benefits of agave. Fernando Romero, the stylist, president, and founder of Agave Healing Oil, fills us in. He shares everything you need to know about using agave for hair health, including the best agave hair products. Read more below!

About Agave Healing Oil

The Agave Healing Oil brand came about following a longstanding family tradition of relying on agave as a holistic ingredient. Fernando would make soaps using ingredients native to Mexico with his grandmother. You better believe agave was among them. He and his grandmother would trade the soaps for food at a local market.

What Is Agave?

Agave is a species of plant native to hot and arid regions and is typically found in Mexico. Agave plants are known for needing very little water to survive, and due to these hydrophilic properties, the plants are able to retain water for long periods of time. The most common form of agave is the Weber Blue Agave plant, which may sound familiar because it’s widely associated with tequila production. “The Weber Blue Agave’s main benefits are strongly related to its low glycemic index when compared to regular sugar,” confirms Fernando. “When harvested properly, the sugar extracts found in this type of agave plant are extremely hydrating and contain fiber, which can be linked to positive effects on your metabolism.”

(via Agave Healing Oil)

Benefits of Agave for Hair

In addition to benefiting the body, agave benefits the hair. Because the Weber Blue Agave Plant’s sugar extracts attract and retain water, it allows for overall healthier and smoother hair. In addition, agave extracts also have the ability to deep condition dry and damaged hair, which is reason enough to add it to your conditioner.

“Agave extracts attract and hold on to water longer than most other ingredients,” reinforces Fernando. “Therefore, when added to a conditioner it allows the benefits to last longer due to the fact that it can attract and retain water longer than most other additives.”

Agave usage is not limited to one hair type or texture, it’s just as beneficial for everyone. However, those in need of extra hydration or conditioning will really feel a difference. “We find that agave hair products do really well in specific territories that have dry and humid climates. Agave can even be used on finer hair types because it is a plant-based ingredient, which tends to be a lot lighter than most other nut-based ingredients,” Fernando adds.

agave hair
(via Agave Healing Oil)

Best Agave Hair Products

The effects of agave build, though results from starting an Agave Healing Oil regimen can be felt pronto. “Because our system of products is progressive, the more you use, the healthier your hair will get,” Fernando says.

Hydration is key, especially if you live in a hydration-zapping climate or love to heat style. “Due to certain climates, frequent use of hair color, or overuse of hot tools, we tend to strip and dry our hair out,” says Fernando. To counteract these dry conditions, he recommends daily use of the brand’s Smoothing Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner, and Healing Oil Treatment. For weekly care, opt for the Restorative Hydrating Mask and the Healing Vapor Iron. Use the Agave Smoothing Treatment or Nature Smooth Express Treatment on a monthly basis. To check out all agave hair products, click here.

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