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What Is Air Dry Shampoo and Conditioner, and How Does It Differ from Regular?

There are plenty of products catered to making the strands straight or protecting the hair from heat. But what about the ol’ air dry? While indeed we’ve seen items catered to natural curls, we haven’t seen just a general air dry shampoo or conditioner. That’s why when a rep for Eva NYC reached out about trying their products, I was immediately drawn to their new Lazy Jane Air Dry Collection.

The Products

The trio comes with shampoo, conditioner and salt-free wave spray. I opted out of the wave spray because I have naturally curly hair and those types of sprays usually dry out my strands (though I appreciate that this is salt-free). The trio can be purchased for $35, while the solo shampoo and solo conditioner each go for $13.

Both products come in a vibrant, 100% recyclable aquamarine bottle with hints of lilac. The front packaging of both note that the product texturizes, tousles and adds body. Both also say Powered by hemp seed oil + sea lavender. And the duo is equally free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates and animal cruelty. The only off-the-bat difference between the two is the shampoo has received formal accolades from The Zoe Report and Glamour.

The selling point of the shampoo focuses on texturizing while claiming to bring out the hair’s natural movement without the frizz or a blow drier, for a tousled look that’s never high maintenance. Think a-day-by-the-ocean-vibes. The product also claims to start styling in the shower by giving grip to roots to add body and thickness. The conditioner claims to start styling in the shower by moisturizing and taming frizz for perfectly tousled hair.

The Experience

Let’s start with the aroma. Both products smell light and delicious. The lavender is apparent but not overpowering. There’s an additional sweetness intertwined with the scent that’s truly uplifting. I only wash my hair approximately once a week, so no matter what shampoo and conditioner I use, there are other products in the mix. The Air Dry shampoo and conditioner came after a gentle clarifying shampoo and before a scalp and ends mask. Then, of course, a leave-in conditioner and hair oil proceeded.

When I got out of the shower, my hair felt fresh and clean. As it began to dry, the curls were noticeable quickly. They didn’t appear as uniform as the previous product I’d used (that was intended for curly hair). That said, there was nothing alarming. I had a dinner that night and proceeded to hit the town au natural (something I rarely do). My hair looked healthy, but I think the additional texturizing was unnecessary for my particular hair type. Again, my curls didn’t look as uniform as I would have liked. But as you can see in the pic, there’s nothing of concern. I also have to attribute some additional off-ness to the fact that my hair is in a weird growing-out phase right now.

air dry shampoo | Mane Addicts

Bottom Line

I don’t have anything negative to say about Eva NYC’s air dry shampoo and conditioner. The only tip I’d offer is to focus on straight or wavy hair as opposed to legitimately curly hair. Curly-haired girls already have the tousling, so it becomes slightly excessive. In fact, the website even shows a user with naturally straight hair using the products, and she ends up with beautiful beachy waves. Even though I didn’t necessarily expect her outcome, I do wish the packaging had suggested best for straight or wavy strands.

Either way, the duo is (separately) formulated with a slew of hydrating ingredients, including hemp seed oil, panthenol, cetearyl alcohol and glycerin. So no matter what, the pair is a win-win. Even if I don’t use it to necessarily enhance my natural curls, it serves as a perfectly suitable everyday shampoo and conditioner. Also, the price is a steal!

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