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The Airspace Haircut Adds Movement to Any Hairstyle

During one of our content ideation sessions, we were intrigued by the airspace haircut trending on Google. Unfamiliar with the cut and whether or not it was referring to a haircut for those in the airforce, we did a quick Google search. Turns out, the airy chop is a huge style trend among celebrities and influencers—one you’ve likely already seen but didn’t have the words for. Scroll below to get acquainted with the cut and see some airspace haircut inspiration for your take on the chop!

What Is the Airspace Haircut?

PopSugar points out that the airspace haircut is a term coined by hairstylist Sunnie Brook. She tells them, “This cut is about removing weight to create movement with no steps and giving the hair an airy look and feel. Or it can be a juxtaposition in the hair shape. Think extreme side parts, seamless layers, and for the brave ones, cutouts or undercuts on shorter haircuts.”

What Should You Ask For?

If you’re hoping to try this style out yourself, you should ask your stylist to remove some weight and add some layers. You want a style that creates an airy, weightless feel. And don’t be afraid to go short. Of course, you don’t have to get a pixie for the style to work. It’s an easy way to add some movement to longer tresses without chopping off your locks.

Who Is the Haircut Best Suited For?

This haircut really suits anyone who wants more movement in their tresses. It will likely pair best with more wavy or straight textures, though those with curly hair can still join in on the fun. Consulting with your stylist beforehand can really help ensure you get the cut you want. And, as always, be sure to bring some photos.

Airspace Haircut Inspiration Photos

The airspace haircut is everywhere right now, so there is no shortage of inspiration on IG and IRL. Be sure to bookmark these for your next hair appointment so you can show your stylist exactly what you want.

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