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GET THE LOOK: Lala’s Bejeweled Ponytail

Lala Anthony High Ponytail by Cesar Ramirez

Last week, Lala Anthony dazzled the red carpet with her bejeweled high ponytail. The “Power” actress attended the New York City Season 3 Premiere of her STARZ series, donning a gorgeous and embellished hairdo styled by her go-to celebrity hairstylist, MIZANI Global Artistic Director Cesar Ramirez.

A high ponytail will always slay the scene but Ramirez added a special touch with his handcrafted custom hair jewelry.

Lala Anthony High Ponytail by Cesar Ramirez

“I love doing ponytails on Lala because she’s one of the few that can wear a ponytail, and feel confident and sexy,” Ramirez explained.  “But sometimes the same ponytail can get boring. We wanted to add a little something to spice it up this time. So we collaborated on a piece of hair jewelry.”

So how did Ramirez do it? Pure inspiration and creativity. The hairstylist is not just crafty with tresses, he’s also pretty awesome at creating one-of-a-kind accessories.

Lala Anthony High Ponytail by Cesar Ramirez

“I always carry metal chains, velvet fabric, leather rope and random things I pick up from trimming shops. They’re usually things that inspire me, and you never know when they will come to good use. The Balmain dress last night was a gorgeous, dark gold color and simple enough to pair with my hair jewelry.”

While we’re amazed by Lala’s stunning look, tbh not everyone is as creatively skilled as Ramirez. If you want to recreate Lala’s bejeweled ponytail without going all arts and crafts, check out these awesome already-made hair jewels below!

jewel headband asos

ASOS Leaf Headband ($13, ASOS)

forever21 jewel headband

Hammered Chain Head Piece ($5.90, Forever21)

Deco Wing Bun Cuff free people

Deco Wing Bun Cuff ($28, Free People)

Do you bejewel your mane? Let us know in the comments!

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