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MANESPIRATION: Alessandra Ambrosio Ditches Long Hair for a Chic Fashion Lob

Alessandra Amborsia Short Hair by Frankie Foye

STOP EVERYTHING! Another Victoria’s Secret model has joined the short hair club. Just yesterday while shooting in Germany, Alessandra Ambrosio debuted a chic short haircut courtesy of the Victoria’s Secret hair whisperer Frankie Foye. When we asked Foye about the chic cut, she divulged, “Ale and Myself have been been friends for over 15 years. We decided it was the right moment to cut her hair for a spring  cover story while we were working  in Europe this week.”

Alessandra Amborsia Short Hair by Frankie Foye

While short hair is super chic for spring, it’s all the rage this winter with other celebs like Gigi Hadid and Khloe Kardashian rocking short hair for the first time ever.

For Alessandra’s cut, “we collaborated on the length and texture based on our mutual love for 70s Rock and Roll style and  the icons of that era,” says Frankie.

Alessandra Amborsia Short Hair by Frankie Foye

When we asked Foye if Alessandra was scared to take the chop, she replied “It was never stressful because she can wear any length … the bone structure and proportions of her face are perfection.” Proving what we all feared to be true. Victoria’s Secret models are beautiful alien creatures that can make anything look chic. 

Alessandra Amborsia Short Hair by Frankie Foye

“My advice to all woman of any age for that matter[who want to go short],” says Frankie, “is to find a stylist that they can trust and talk to and be a part of the process…go for it girls!”

For more tips on going short, check out Short Hair 101.

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