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Alessandra Ambrosio’s Healthy Hair Tips

Shiny, healthy beach waves are basically a requirement when you’re a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Case in point: Alessandra Ambrosio’s milk chocolate mane that continues to dazzle us on runways, in ad campaigns and on the streets. So it’s no surprise that she was swooped up by Marajó–a new hair care line formulated with Pracaxi oil extract found in Alessandra’s home country of Brazil. Known as the island of Marajo’s “miracle oil,”  it’s legendary for its natural healing benefits, strong moisturizing properties, and is the highest source of Behenic acid. Pracaxi oil is also great for inhibiting hair loss, revitalizing dull hair, and is a natural detangler.

Alessandra’s favorite Marajo products include the Nourishing Cleansing Crème and Deep Treatment Butter, which she uses daily to keep her hair healthy. Below, the brand ambassador tells us why she got involved, her go-to hairstyle, and her DIY hair recipe!

Marajo Hair Products Alessandra Ambrosio Pracaxi Oil

(via Startracks)

Alessandra Ambrosio Marajo Hair Line

(via Startracks)

Why did you get involved with the line? 

I got to try the product and really enjoyed it and since the main ingredient is from Brazil it was a perfect match. 

Do you have a DIY hair recipe that you love? 

As a kid my mom always made avocado hair mask for us and it was fun but messy.  Haven’t done any DIY treatments recently since I have Marajo but I might do an avocado mask night with my daughter as it was always such a fun experience. 

If you only have 5 minutes to do your hair, what is your go to style?

I used to just put it up in a bun but now with Marajo I just wash it in the morning and let it air dry and it looks perfect. 

Who cuts and colors your hair?

I have worked with a same team for years and even though I don’t color my hair that often when I do my stylist Frankie Foie does it and Dominick Pucciarello cuts my hair. 

Do you do anything special to your hair to prep for the VS fashion show? 

I try to keep my hair healthy all year long and since I have started using Marajo that has been easy as the product is amazing. 

Marajo Hair Line Alessandra Ambrosio

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