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The Only 3 Products Alexa Chung Uses to Achieve Her Perfect Bedhead

No one nails off duty hair quite like Alexa Chung–she’s got that perfectly undone bedhead look with a certain sense of inimitable hair je ne sais quois. Fittingly, she’s the ambassador for L’Oreàl Professional and taps French colorist Frederic Mennetrier owner of L’Atelier Blanc in Paris to “LA French” her chocolate locks for the super natural balayage she’s known for. To celebrate L’Oreàl Professional’s 110th anniversary (yes, you read that right–the brand is well over centenarian status) we sat down with Alexa to find the secret behind her drool-worthy tresses.


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Surprisingly, her tousled tresses are anything but bedhead, “I shower every single day,” Alexa tells us, “I wish not washing my hair everyday was my life but it’s not, my hair looks really bad if I don’t wash it everyday with shampoo and a little conditioner on the ends. Especially in London the water is really hard and the same in NY and it gets very dry.” Although she’s in a committed relationship with her daily washes, she keeps the blow drying and styling to a minimum. “I brush it and then I twist it and tuck it behind my ears and I like it to naturally dry,” she shares, “If I have to [blow]dry it, I do it so it’s still bit damp and then I can still get the bend to it.” And while her hair is constantly clean thanks to frequent showers using L’Oreàl Source Essentielle, she still swears by dry shampoo to achieve her tousled, textured look. “I’m addicted to using dry shampoo because I like a bit of body and a bouffant in the back, and I like it a bit messy.”


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Waiting for my imaginary band to arrive. @lizmatthewspr

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Alexa might be British by blood, but she’s Parisian at heart and counts iconic women like Catherine Deneuve, Bridget Bardot, Caroline de Maigret and Francoise Hardy. “I’ve always admired French style and French beauty and certainly I’ve pretended to be French for a lot of my life.” We’re heading home stat to try Alexa’s twist and tuck trick in hopes of achieving her perfectly Parisian look.

Speaking of frequent hair washes–THIS is how often you should be washing your hair!



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