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Get Ready to Start Sporting Banana Clips Again

Get ready to channel power boss ladies circa the 1980s, because that is exactly what Alexander Wang served up for his fall 2018 show, which delivered tux mini dresses punched up with rib-style zipper corsets, splashes of fuchsia, and badass leather dresses and pants.

Ironically set at Four Times Square, the old stomping grounds for Conde Naste–a place where Alex got his start in fashion as an intern at Teen Vogue and Vogue–Wang’s mantra was clear–women in power. Redken’s Global Creative Director Guido Palau was on hair, which was “Alex Wang’s take on the power woman, inspired by the ’80s when we first saw female empowerment in the office and those kind of executive women.”

Now let’s talk about those banana clips. Can Wang make them cool again? The short answer, yes. Shiny silver banana clips held up the models’ hair in a modern take on the french twist. Guido notes, “This feels young, it has a slight irony to it, and it has a powerful look to it.”

Leave it to Wang and Guido to breath new life into the trite hair accessory. To get the look Guido used the new Dyson Supersonic hairdryer that just came out. “The new thing about the Supersonic is that the airflow is really channeled and it’s great and even when there isn’t an attachment on it, the air still flows into a point so it doesn’t fluff the hair around, and when you get the attachment on it it’s even more defined. And it’s great that the temperature of the dryer stays at 150 degrees so it doesn’t fry your hair,” Guido adds.  Then twist the hair and secure it with the banana clips. To get that high shine look, use Redken Forceful 23 to get that high shine look.

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Keep the ’80s feels going–will you be wearing LEATHER headbands too?


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