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HOW-TO: Retro-Glam Waves at Alice + Olivia FW16 by Marshall Lin

Alice and Olivia FW16

Exposed pipelines, waiting benches, and a life-size curb-side mail box contributed to an impressive NYC subway station at Alice + Olivia’s FW16 presentation, where phrases like “Be Nice or Leave” and “Loving You” printed on sequined and leather pieces were familiar of the label’s whimsical flavor.

Textured Waves Alice and Olivia FW16 NYFW

Just as memorable were the manes by Marshall Lin styled to match the 70’s underground rock n’ roll aesthetic. “There’s a lot of frizz, and a lot of texture going on,” Lin told us backstage. Keep scrolling for the steps to the retro chic look.

Textured Waves Alice and Olivia FW16 NYFW Briana Elledge


  1. Smooth hair around the frame of the face with Olivia Garden HeatPro Round Thermal Brush (1 3/4”) for a clean part down the middle. To create dimension around the face, dry the roots by angling the sections forward.
  2. Apply Fekkai Full Blown Volume Lightweight Styling Whip section by section to hair to create volume. Use hairdryer on medium heat using hands to create dry texture.
  3. Separate hair into 2-inch sections with Olivia Garden CarboSilk Comb (CS-T1) and curl hair with a 1.25-inch curling iron.
  4. Use the Olivia Garden Double Clip to quickly and easily section the hair as you work around the head.
  5. Release the curl immediately and roll it with tissue. The tension of the curl must be more from the roots and start to loosen up near the ends.
  6. After curls cool down, use Olivia Garden Supreme Combo to gently brush the hair to create a soft, edgy look with a little bit of frizz to create that 70’s style.
  7. To complete the look, pick two small pieces from the back of the hair and tie together like a shoelace at the neck line.
  8. Apply Fekkai Blowout Refresher Dry Shampoo through sections for additional texture. Finish with Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray for easy hold.

 Perfect everyday hair, dontchya think?

2 minutes

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