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Everything You Need to Know About Babylights

Ultra-blended, sun-kissed color is always popular. And with more and more people looking for a low-maintenance, super natural ‘do, it’s no surprise that babylights are back on our radar. Babylights are finely woven highlights that are strategically placed throughout the hair to maximize dimension and shine. Are babylights right for you? Yes! This highlighting technique can take anyone’s color to the next level. Learn more about them below!

Are Babylights Right for You?

Babylights can truly transform your hair color. Regardless of texture or type, this highlighting technique creates those fine bits of dimension that we so often see in children’s hair or those with untouched and undyed locks. Typically focused around the hairline, babylights can be placed all over or just in a few spots to frame the face or add brightness to the crown. These delicate highlights are incredibly low-maintenance due to the thin application sections and the purposeful placement.

Do They Work for Every Hair Color?

Babylights are a valuable addition to any hair color and any hair type. The technique starts with a lightener application, so the level of brightness is easily controlled (and toned) to match your current, or desired, shade. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, and every color in-between all work with babylights. Those with textured hair can also rock this color trend. The only difference is that your stylist may take slightly larger sections when lightening so that the brighter strands don’t get lost in your curls and coils.

How Much Do They Cost?

While babylights are a low-maintenance color option, the application time can get a bit lengthy. Because each foil has to be sliced so thin and placed so purposefully, this increases the time you’ll spend in the chair. Additionally, because this color service is so time-consuming, it can cost a bit more than your average highlight or balayage. But! The results are worth it. Especially the fact that you won’t need to be back at the salon as often if you don’t want to be. Either way, babylights are time (and money) well spent.

Need some babylights inspiration to take to the salon? HERE are six babylight inspo pics!

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