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Inspiration: All Blunt Everything

In a world that lusts after the perfectly blended layers reminiscent of Victorias Secret-esque hair, there is a mass of bold and brave girls who like things a little more straight-forward. From bangs to bobs, and the down right blunt, we’ve collected these heavy edges for your inspirational viewing.



Though long hair may be an automatic candidate for layering, the right thickness can pull off this haircut.  Because hair tends to weigh itself down, hair that is too thin becomes wispy which then subtracts from the strong visual effect.

Product Recommendation: R+Co Mannequin (A more pliable version of wax for long haired babes.)


Far surpassing a trend, this collarbone grazing style is definition of chic and sophisticated; making it the “It” haircut that every girl seems to be getting.

Product Recommendation: Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo… for texture, definition, and the ability to skip through days without washing.


For those wanting a fresh lease on (hair) life, a blunt bob is the way to go.  This look is all things sexy, playful, and adventurous which translates to a perfect cut for the new year.

Product recommendation:  SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist.  Perfect for air drying or blow drying and gives the right amount of grit without over-drying.


A statement piece in its own with it’s blocked face framing, this style is most fitting for those who know what they want and have the guts (and commitment) to do it.

Product recommendation: Osmo Clay Wax.  AKA your bangs new best friend for matte finish structure and hold.

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