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Allen Thomas Wood Says This is the Best Product for Airy Texture

As part of a new series, Hair-apy Sesh, we’re asking the hair industry’s most-trusted mavens to divulge their secrets about the products that get lifted from their kit, their idea of the most overrated and underrated hair tricks, and their favorite high-price-tag and drugstore buys that confidently carry them through their bustling careers. Below: Allen Thomas Wood, Bumble and bumble stylist, educator, and innovator. 

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What’s the most stolen product from your kit?

I’m happy to say I’ve never had a product stolen, but the one I find myself giving away and sending with most clients, models, and brides etc. is Bumble and bumble’s Dryspun Finish. I’m constantly restocking it. I love its versatility —it’s airy, creates textured fullness and has the oil-absorbing properties of a dry shampoo. It’s great to refresh on set, finish off soft waves, and give updos grip and staying power.

What’s the most underrated hair hack or trick?
Sulfate-free shampoo (I love Bumble and bumble’s Curl Shampoo), washing your hair as infrequently as possible to preserve its condition, regular trims to dust split ends away for fine-haired clients trying to grow their hair long, using moisturizer from the gym as a hair grooming cream in a pinch, and embracing natural texture.

What’s the most overrated hair hack or trick?
The first thing I thought of were those at-home pastel hair coloring kits.

What’s one expensive product worth every penny? Why?
Leonor Greyl’s Pre-Shampoo Oil Treatment. I love this product for myself and I stock up every time I am in Paris. It’s an oil blend meant to be washed out, but I leave it in to “dirty up” my hair and deflate puffiness. It smells so good, like natural floral oils and very French.

What’s the most underrated drugstore product?
Klorane’s squeeze bottle Dry Shampoo – you used to only be able to get this in Paris but now you can find it in drugstores in the city. I love this because of it’s easy to use, it has a direct applicator and truly dry, absorbent properties.

If you only had time to use one product on a client, what would it be?
I’ll go back to Bumble and bumble’s Dryspun Finish for this one. It’s the product I most often reach for to finish a client. I love the slept-in, sexy, airy texture it gives a style. I burst it through the roots (focusing at the crown) and ruffle throughout to amp up the lasting fullness.

For men it would be Bumble and bumble’s Grooming Creme, a soft, lotion-like cream that gives a touchable, groomed, satin finish to the hair. It can be styled tidy or textured.



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