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A Chat With Brooklyn Nets Host/ Cycling Instructor/ Model/ Natural Hair Icon, Ally Love


On paper, Ally Love (@allymisslove) is a model, host, business owner, fitness guru and commercial dancer. IRL, however, she’s all of us: a doughnut lover living in NYC who considers her hair her best accessory. Okay, maybe she’s not ALL of us but she’s definitely real and a true inspiration for #girlbosses everywhere. And her hair? Also an inspiration and one that I needed to know more about. How does she keep it looking SO GOOD, even through long days and tough cycling workouts? Keep reading for a scoop inside her world.

MA: What’s your typical day like?

AL: I’m a part of the slash generation, so my days are never the same. I’m the host of the Brooklyn Nets, Instructor at Peloton Cycle, full-time Model, and I own my own business, Love Squad. Most mornings I’m either teaching thousands of Peloton Riders across the country or taking a workout myself. I usually have photo shoots, castings, meeting with my teams, or events to attend during the day– a myriad of those things on any given day. In the evenings, I host the Brooklyn Nets games at Barclays Center for 18,000 fans. In my down time, I create class plans, shoot personal content for my Instagram, read (I’m book obsessed) and write for the blog (aLoveSquad.com). I always find time for a doughnut because I love them. And I’m never without some friend time. I keep a fun lunch date or dinner in my weekly calendar.


MA: Do you have a specific workout hairstyle or do you mix it up?

AL: I like to mix it up. As a cycle instructor at Peloton, we go live on camera across the country so my style is my brand. I like to change my hair from my signature mohawk, to buns, ponytails, braids, Afro puffs, to just rocking my big Afro. There are times that the way you look for a workout can give you an extra boost – that’s how I keep myself up for the challenge. Hair-power! I also consider my hair to be my best accessory. It can really make my workout outfit come together.


MA: If you don’t have time to shower, what products do you use to refresh your curls after a workout?

AL: I love Bumble and Bumble Curl Spray. I also use good old fashion gel and Paul Mitchell’s Express Style Round Trip to slick the edges and redefine my curls. I don’t get caught up in frizz too much because I actually love the naturalness of a frizzy head of curls- it adds character. The bigger the hair the closer to God.



MA: If you do shower, what products do you use to keep your hair hydrated?

Ouidad has one of the best hydration creams out there. I’ve recently been using Carol’s Daughters Rhassoul Clay when I shower, but most times adding some oils and a bit of water can do the trick when I’m in a rush.


MA: What are some of you favorite songs to workout to right now?

AL: No Problems by Chance the Rapper and Calling all Angels by Train


MA: What Instagram accounts do you follow for daily inspiration?

AL: @EsteeLoland @rrayyme , and @robinnyc

For more, follow Ally on Instagram and check out ALoveSquad.com



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