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HOW-TO: Amal Clooney’s Faux Bob by Rod Ortega

Amal Clooney Hail Caesar Premiere

Power couple-Clooney stepped out for a stroll down the Hail, Caesar! premiere red carpet in L.A. and naturally, all eyes were on Amal. Don’t get us wrong, George will always be bae, but his partner-in-crime proved to be the true twinkle of the night. Her Giambattista Valli Haute Couture mini and red pout, however, were undeniably outshined by her flirty faux-bob, created by Rod Ortega.

“The inspiration for the look was timeless classic. Just think of shine—a smooth and moveable tousled mane was the vision,” Rodney tells us. He says it’s important give yourself a smooth blowout as a foundation for the style. We’re obsessed with the woman wearing the look, and even more so with the fact that a faux-bob is a fresh departure from long-hair, which is perf for babes who want a shorter ‘do in a flash. Scroll ahead now for Rod’s steps to achieving Amal’s whimsical look.

Amal Clooney Faux Bob


  1. Starting with damp, clean hair, set your part a little deeper using the T3 Featherweight 2I Luxe Dryer and Ibiza 2-inch Round Brush (Rod’s two favorites).
  2. Section the hair into 3 parts—the nape, midsection and sides—then spritz a little heat spray, like L’Oreal Paris Boost it Blow Out Heat Spray, brushing it from roots to ends.
  3. Starting with the first section at the nape, take the T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand and using the medium barrel, waver away from the face. Repeat this step on the hair of your midsection and sides.
  4. Allow your waves to cool and apply some Rene Furterer Absolue Keratin Sublime Renewal Leave-in Cream on the ends and brush the waves out.
  5. Starting with the right side, tuck your hair behind your ear and spray it with L’Oreal Elnett Flexible Hold Hairspray (another one of Rod’s favorites) and secure with a pin.
  6. Using your brush, back-comb the bottom back of your hair (Note: This is important because it’s going to set the structure for your shape).
  7. Roll up the bottom of your hair and secure with matte-black bobby pins, crossing them in a row at the neck hair line.
  8. Using your fingers, break up the waves to prevent them from looking stiff.
  9. Finish the look with some shine using Rene Furterer Styling Vegetal Finishing Spray Satin Finish.

Will you be trying Mrs. Clooney’s faux bob? We know we will!

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