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MANESPIRATION: Amandla Stenberg’s Chopped Box Braids

For anyone who has ever uninstalled box braids, there’s a great chance that you’ve probably considered rocking those beautiful unbraided crimps for at least a day or two. Defying all fear of the unconventional is actress Amandla Stenberg.

amandla stenberg

 The 16-year-old Hunger Games actress boldly chopped her silver box braids into a funky bob. Lots of mane risks here: 1. This cut could’ve resulted in looser braids, thus causing the extension to fall out, 2. Kanekalon, the synthetic hair used for this style, is extremely tangle-prone. How she managed to make her hair look perfect is just pure magic! 3. A blunt chop is risky business for any hair type or style.

amandla boxbraids

 Getting box braids professionally installed can be a bit costly, but knowing that it is possible to get two hairstyles for the price of one makes our hearts sing! The takedown of any twist or braid hairdo that results in such gorgeous curls deserve to be flaunted!

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