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HOW-TO: America Ferrera’s Sleek Chignon by Sascha Breuer

American Ferrera Golden Globes Sleek Chignon by Sascha Breuer

America Ferrara proved that not only is she incredibly funny at last night’s Golden Globe Awards, but she is stunning and elegant as well! With a beautiful marigold dress, her hair was slicked back into a chic and sophisticated chignon. Mane Master Sascha Breuer breaks down how to recreate the look below.


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“Begin with freshly washed hair and towel-dry it gently just to get some of the moisture out and then add a blow-drying product like the Wellaflex Mousse. The product is a great way to prep for a blow-dry and it gives you enviable polish and hold, so you don’t have to do a ton of post-styling setting either.


Begin by blow-drying the hairline, aiming the hairdryer at your forehead and around the lower neck- basically following the natural contours of the head. At this stage, you want to blow-dry using a backwards and inward motion using a soft brush or your hands directing the flow of the air and heat- and your hands- to the center at the back of your head. By doing this, not only do you get the right texture and finish, but you also manage to create an almost perfectly even base. If you’ve always had a tough time getting flyaways to lay flat or taming the frizz around your hairline, try using this technique and you’ll be amazed with the results.

Once your hair is 100% dry, the next step is to work further on the texture. The previous step basically helps set the foundation for the ponytail, so now we’re going to tackle the rest of the length. Use a flat iron and begin smoothening out from the mid-lengths to the ends. A classic hairstyle like the chignon needs an absolutely perfect base and straightening will make your hair sleek, shiny and easy-to-style. I would recommend to use a straightening that allows you to set the heat to the needs of your hair. The Braun Satin Hair 7 Senso Care Styler is perfect for that as it actually adjust the temperature automatically for you – Genius!American Ferrera Golden Globes Sleek Chignon by Sascha Breuer

If you want to add a vintage-y vibe to the look, carve out a low part to one side. if not, simply brush it all towards the back. Gather your hair at the back of your head and then secure it into a clean ponytail using a anti snap hair elastic. I recommend using the Braun Satin-Hair Brush to brush the hair because it helps tackle static and unruly hair and leaves you with silky hair.

Next, take the ponytail and twist it on itself, creating a figure eight as you go along. Secure the loops onto your head using bobby pins to keep the coils in place.

If you’re satisfied with the finish, simply move onto the hairspray. A touch of Wellaflex hairsprayto keep things in place and you’re good to go!”

American Ferrera Golden Globes Sleek Chignon by Sascha Breuer

2 minutes

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