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8 Hair Cues We’re Taking From American Girl Dolls (Yes, Really)

American Girl dolls were the toy of the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. There wasn’t much we would’ve done for a Klondike Bar back in the day, but we were prepared to do just about anything to get an American Girl doll. When our begging and pleading finally wore down our parents and they bought us the doll of our choice (it was Kit for us), we cherished her like she was our own kin. She was precious cargo we rarely let out of our sight. As with most childhood toys, we got over them as we grew up. But nostalgia always has a way of reminding you of said toys. From people realizing they have American Girl doll teeth on TikTok to the surplus of American Girl doll memes on Instagram, our interest in the dolls has been on the rise. And with our piqued interest, we’ve made an astute observation—American Girl dolls were (and still are) the biggest hairstyle trendsetters. So we’re taking a few hair cues from the dolls themselves these days to heal our inner child and look oh-so-cute in the process. Read on for the American Girl doll hairstyles we’re copying!

Molly’s Bows

Molly’s brunette braids were iconic, but they would be nothing without her signature red bows tied around the ends. You could argue that braids have always been in style, and they have, though the classic double braid has been pushed aside for more intricate styles. And many have omitted the bows when wearing the style. Now, our inner child screams for a bow every time we put our hair in a classic braid. We’re still unsure about copying Molly’s blunt bangs, but maybe we’ll get there one of these days.

Molly American Girl doll hairstyle | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: AmericanGirl.com)

Kit’s Blonde Bob

Kit’s blunt blonde bob has never left our mind from the moment we laid eyes on it. While nearly every other American Girl doll has long hair, Kit kept it short and we admired her for that. To this day, we still think about cutting our hair short like her. With the rise in popularity of shorter styles, we just might. And if you need some bob haircut inspiration, look no further than Kit.

Kit American Girl doll hairstyle | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: AmericanGirl.com)

Samantha’s Cottagecore Style

Long before cottagecore was all over TikTok, Samantha was rocking the hair trend in a variety of chic styles. The Victorian-era American Girl doll styled her soft brunette curls in half-up hairstyles we still emulate to this day. Paired with a velvet bow, Samantha laid the groundwork for the cottagecore trend to take off.

Samantha American Girl doll hairstyle | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: AmericanGirl.com)

Claudie’s Accessories

Claudie is a newer American Girl doll to join the lineup. Nevertheless, she’s still made quite an impact on our hairstyling choices. Given she was from the 1920s and we’re in the 2020s, Claudie’s hair accessory choices have guided our ‘20s style—with a more modern twist, of course. From her classic hair bows to her ornate costume headdresses, Claudie reminds us how fun accessorizing a hairstyle can (and should) be.

Claudie American Girl doll hairstyle | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: AmericanGirl.com)

Kirsten’s Loop Braids

Though an original American Girl doll, Kirsten has been retired for a few years now (lucky)—but her legacy has not been forgotten. Case in point, loop braids making a comeback. We haven’t seen the style in ages, but celebrities and influencers around the world are determined to make the cottagecore-esque braids a thing.

Kirsten American Girl doll hairstyle | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: AmericanGirl.com)

Melody’s Flipped Ends

Another newcomer to the American Girl doll franchise, Melody was the cool girl of 1964. She was inspiring everyone to find their voice, speak up, and fight for equal rights—all while being as stylish as ever with her flipped ends. We give her full credit for popularizing the style once again.

Melody American Girl doll hairstyle | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: AmericanGirl.com)

Julie’s Single Baby Braid

The baby braid trend has taken off and shown no signs of stopping. Still, it could definitely use a fresh update. That’s where Julie’s single baby braid comes in. Her singular plait brings a 1970s feel to any hairstyle and is an incredibly easy style to pull off. Plus, it works on every hair type and texture.

Julie American Girl doll hairstyle | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: AmericanGirl.com)

Nanea’s Beach Waves

Nanea’s beach waves were truly envy-inducing. The Hawaiian-born American Girl doll (unsurprisingly) had the most luscious beach waves, ones you could only achieve by swimming in the Hawaiian waves. While that may not be accessible for many of us, it shouldn’t stop you from using Nanea as your inspiration for the style. In the hands of a trained hairstylist, you too can achieve these flawless waves.

Nanea American Girl doll hairstyle | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: AmericanGirl.com)

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