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It’s GIVEAWAY Time with Amika!

Amika Mane Addicts Giveaway

Lazy girls, rejoice! If you’ve started off 2016 grinding and hustlin’, we know your hair game may not always be on point, so we want to help! Skip washing every day and amp up your morning hair routine with our second day slay set from Amika.

Three lucky winners will have a chance to play with an amazing set of Amika products that will set you up for good hair even on your worst days. The set includes…


  • Follow Mane Addicts and Amika on Instagram
  • Post a picture of your worst hair day with the hashtag #MAsecondDAYslay
  • Wait patiently until we announce our winners and send the goodies your way!


  • Open to US residents only.

Contest ends Sunday Feb 7 at 11:59PM PST.

2 minutes

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