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I Tried Amika’s Blow Dryer Brush, Here’s How It Stacks Up

When it comes to blow dryers, I’m a bit skeptical of new gidgets and gadgets. At least, I was… until I tried Amika’s cult-favorite blow dryer brush. With a unique, oval shaped bristle brush and numerous heat and airflow settings, this styling tool gives you the ultimate level of control. Get sleek, curved-in strands or a retro-flipped out blowout in minutes flat. I’m not kidding.

Read on for the complete rundown of amika’s blowout buffet dryer brush and styling set.

Via Sephora

Prep is Key

As with any styling product, preparing your strands is the key to a smooth, static-free blowout. Amika’s blowout buffet set comes with the brand’s Wizard Detangling Primer. This candy-scented serum destroys snarls and adds softness, for dryer-ready untangled tresses.


Via Sephora

The Dryer Brush Gives You Optimal Control

The biggest difference between a classic blowdryer and amika’s ionic dryer brush? Control. The oval shaped ventilated bristle brush allows you to dry your tresses with precision. No lumps or bumps. With 3 different heat and airflow settings, you can navigate the drying processes with ease. Whether you’re polishing slightly damp strands or managing a totally soaked mane, this dryer brush is where its at.

Via amika

Post-Dryer Dry Shampoo For the Win

Day one locks always look stunning, but can they last? Amika’s blowout buffet set comes with just the pick-me-up you need for second day strands: their well-reviewed perk up dry shampoo. This talc-free layerable spray absorbs excess oil, for smooth strands that last.

Via Sephora

Watch a Tutorial

See the amika ionic blow dry brush in action here.

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