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7 Ammonia-Free Dyes for the Most Sensitive Scalps

Hair dye is not for the faint of heart. Or, apparently, those with the most sensitive scalps. Turns out our favorite shade-changing products are filled to the brim with harmful chemicals. Among the most common: ammonia. This colorless compound traditionally aids the lightening process, helping hair accept permanent color. But there’s a trade off. Ammonia can also totally fry your hair and irritate your scalp. There’s no need to abandon all hope when it comes to hair dye. Tons of scalp-sensitive, ammonia-free hair dye formulations are already on the market. And we rounded up the seven best of the best below.


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1. Good Dye Young Semi-Permanent Hair Color: $18

No need for ammonia in this iconic line. With a range of wild shades, Good Dye Young uses bergamot essential oil, glycerin, and sunflower extract to achieve a gorgeous hue.

(via Sephora)

2. Overtone Color Conditioner: $32

Internet sensation Overtone is also ammonia-free. Nice, right? These conditioner-based, ammonia-free hair dyes make it way too easy to swap your shade.

(via Overtone)

3. Clairol Natural Instincts: $7.59

Some tried and true favorites have jumped on the ammonia-free band wagon. This demi-permanent dye is also vegan and paraben-free.

(via Target)

4. Manic Panic Classic High Voltage Color: $13.99

A true cult-favorite. Manic Panic’s wide array of vivid hair color products are ammonia-free, PPD-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. Pretty much guilt-free if you ask us.

(via Manic Panic)

5. Garnier Olia No Ammonia Permanent Hair Color: $8.49

Natural flower oils form the basis of this weightless, natural-looking hair color from Garnier. The perfect budget-buy for a long-lasting, scalp-saving shade. Who says ammonia-free hair dye has to be pricey?

(via Target)


6. Madison Reed Radiant Creme Color: $25

With keratin, argan oil, ginseng root extract, Madison Reed gives effective grey coverage and gorgeous multi-dimensional color without ammonia. Salon-crafted color from the comfort of your own home.

(via Madison Reed)

7. Herbatint Permanent Hair Color Gel: $15.51

With eight certified herbal extracts, this vegan hair color relies on enzymes and proteins to achieve a gorgeous permanent hue. No ammonia necessary.

(via Walmart)

Are you using the right shampoo for your sensitive scalp? If not, HERE are eight we highly recommend!

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