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NEED TO KNOW: 5 Ways to Amp Up Your Hair For Spring

Sometimes spring (especially early spring) feels like an in-between season. Spring is the time when we transition out of the perils of dry, winter months and into festival, beach and wedding season. In terms of hair, this transition means shaking things up just enough to feel like a whole-new-you while still setting your self up for a summer full of #manemoments. Here are 5 ways you can amp up your hair this spring…


Decorative Bobby Pins

Growing out your long-bob so you can rock hippie-length waves at Coachella? Survive the awkward growing out phase with hair accessories like these Paris Fashion Week inspired bobby-pins.



Khloe Half Up Buns

Another way to embrace grown out cuts and fading colors is by taking a page out Khloe Kardashian’s book and taking some risks when it comes to styling. Soft waves always look amazing, but what about a sleek cool-girl bun? There are no rules.


Emma Roberts Red Hair

If, like me, you rock a bolder shade or edgier cut during the bleak winter months, Spring is the perfect time to tone things down a bit. By adding some dimension (in both cut and color) you can turn the attention back to you eyes and face. Do like Emma Roberts did (with 901 Salon) and neutralize platinum blonde with a warm sandy-golden blonde with subtle face-framing highlights.



Lily Aldridge Braids by Justine Marjan

Spring is the perfect time to wean-off any unwanted products dependencies and reduce buildup. Before your spring salon trip, cleanse with claryfing shampoos and scrubs like this one from Christophe Robin and treat with a nourishing oil like this one from Lulu Organics. If you can manage it, lessen the amount of shampooing, and styling (even just for a few weeks) so that your hair and scalp can adjust to the warmer weather and humidity and return to it’s natural level of oil production and any new products you invest in, will work better  It doesn’t sound like it, but hair-cleansing can be glamorous, too.  It’s the perfect excuse to get in on the super trendy braids train.


Chrissy Teigen Long Blonde Waves

As you look ahead to summer, you might have your sights set of a style that your not quite sure how to achieve. Well, this is the perfect time to learn! There are plenty of tutorials out there and new products on the market to help cut down on styling time. Looking for a good tutorial? Try:

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