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An Expert Shares How Often You Should Switch Up Your Haircare Routine

Looking for some insight into how often you should switch up your haircare routine? You’ve come to the right place.

Haircare routines are sacred. They can take years to perfect. Once you’ve found what works, it can be difficult to update your routine as needed to better serve your strands. The mere thought of switching up your haircare routine may dredge up uncomfortable and unsettling feelings.

Admittedly, we were initially overwhelmed by this question ourselves. We’ve found a haircare routine that works, so knowing that we may need to switch it up at any given point makes us want to scream. Then we chatted with Living Proof Test Salon Stylist Molly Leahy and she put us at ease.

Below, Molly shares some wise advice on how often you should update your hair routine and how to do so. Keep scrolling for more!

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Is There a General Rule of Thumb to Follow for How Often You Should Update Your Haircare Routine?

Simply put, there’s no set time limit for how regularly you should be switching up your routine. Molly shares that it’s all about noticing whether or not your routine is still working for you.

“If your current routine and products are serving you well and making your hair look and feel great and act the way you want, stick with them,” she emphasizes. “If you find, after a period, that your hair products and routine are no longer giving you the same results that make you love your hair, that is the sign it’s time to try something new. For some people, this could be every couple of weeks or months and for other people, it could be years.”

So how do you know it’s time to update your routine? Again, that’s more of a feeling than anything else. Though sometimes your routine needs to change when you change your hair. Allow Molly to explain.

“Another thing that can factor into changing your hair routine is if you do a chemical or color service, as these types of services can drastically affect your hair’s texture and health,” she points out. “Any time you make a big hair change you should look at your current routine and the products you are using to see if they are still appropriate for your new hair goals.”

What Are the Most Important Aspects to Update of Your Haircare Routine?

As far as products go, it’s been made clear that they should be updated when they’re no longer serving your hair’s best interests. Molly urges that “care and treatment products are the most important to update on a semi-regular basis. This includes things like shampoos, conditioners, clarifying treatments, scalp products, masks, leave-in conditioners, and serums/oils.”

Styling products aren’t as important to update regularly, as they can work for your hair through all its phases. This is especially true when you have healthy strands. Achieving healthy strands starts with using the right products for your hair. Copy?

While your styling products don’t need to routinely be switched out, how you style your hair does need some updating. Molly stresses the importance of limiting heat styling in your everyday routine.

“Everyone can benefit from learning a couple of no heat hairstyles to add to their routine,” she says. “This will not only allow you to have healthier hair overall, but it will also be a big time saver and a way to mix up your look.”

How Do You Go About Updating Your Routine When You’re Not Quite Ready to Do So?

Starting something new is always scary. We’re humans, we don’t like change. We want stability and structure, which many of us find in our haircare routine. But if it’s no longer doing what it needs to, how do you let go of what you know to make way for something new?

“A great way to venture into a new routine is to do a little research,” Molly notes. “If you have something particular in mind that you want to try out (product or service), do a quick YouTube search with the product name followed by the word ‘review.’ Look for people who have similar hair to yours that have been through the experience before to gain a little insight before trying it yourself.”

Molly also shares that tapping your stylist as a resource can be very beneficial. You can “ask them to walk through some new products with you and to show you how they are using them. Most stylists will be happy to do a quick consultation with you as well, if you are looking to try something more drastic like a chemical, color, or extension service.”

Still hesitant about venturing into uncharted territory? Molly has a helpful trick for you.

“I would purchase the travel-size product you are looking to try first before committing to the whole bottle. Small changes over time can add up to big results, you don’t have to change everything at once to work your way into a new routine,” she mentions.

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