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MANESPIRATION: Andra Day’s Pin-up Girl Curls

Andra Day

Apple’s latest holiday commercial features music legend Stevie Wonder and artist on the rise Andra Day. While the singers’ duet of “Someday at Christmas” warmed our hearts, we were especially in love with Day’s curls!


The soulful songstress is known for her smooth-as-honey vocals and signature pin-up girl hairstyles. When she’s not rocking her gorgeous pin curl hairdo, she’s working her usual updo look — curls in the front, beehive in the back, all tied together with a headscarf.

Andra Day

Many believe that a classic pin-up hairdo is limited to only straight hair types, but Day totally debunked that myth! The singer, who is a naturalista, recently revealed how she pulls off this vintage look with ease.

Andra Day

In an interview with InStyle, Day confessed that she once never believed beehive and bouffant updos were possible for her natural hair type but through trial and error she realized her kinky curls were actually perfect for the styles! “ I realized that I have very curly, thick, tightly curled hair, so I didn’t even need to do that much to achieve this. I just roll-up my natural hair on the inside and then straighten the outside.” Magic!

Andra Day

So it’s official. Our hair goals are possible! Will you be trying out Day’s vintage hairdos?

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