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A Glimpse Inside Andy Lecompte’s Hair Kit

Ever wonder how the pros show up for a job? What are their essentials and how do they keep everything organized? Well we’re here with our new feature What’s in the Bag? to showcase what tools and products are really behind the best of the best in this business. Take a look below to see what celebrity hairstylist Andy Lecompte (yes the man behind Madonna, Nicole Richie, Miley Cyrus, and Fergie) won’t show up to a job without.

andy lecompte

“Here you have my two set bags. I usually wear a Chrome Hearts fanny pack for all my essentials as a mini survival kit filled with travel size versions of my go-to products. A kit this size works great because it’s hands free, easy to access and discreet in size and color when I’m trailing someone on the carpet or to an event.sheila stotts, hair, detangler, extensions, product, set bag,

I also pack my customized Goyad messenger bag that I received from one of my clients for times when I’m on set and I require a few more products and in larger quantities. 

My fanny is packed with papaw ointment, (I love to use it to smooth flyways and tame frizz), a rose water spray, and of course my holy trinity: Wella LuxeOil System including the Reconstructive Elixir Oil, the light weight oil spray and the Keratin Boost Oil

Rather than adding more hairspray sometimes all you need is to add is a mist to reactivate some of the products you have already used. 

Also in the fanny pack is a small Henri Bendel jar of the Wella Pearl Styler to conserve space in my fanny packs. It’s prime real estate.

I usually throw various hair pins, clips and bands in the pockets depending on the color of my client.

In terms of brushes and combs, I carry one rat tail brush, one comb, and my favorite little tool by R Session Tools.

A mirror is a must when you’re away from the your hair station so I pack a large matte stainless steel mirror from Muji which I don’t have to worry about breaking. 

Honestly, the bourgeoisie set bags were not my intention, but what can I say, I have fabulous clients with fabulous taste. As I mentioned earlier, the Goyad was a gift from Fergie and the Chrome Hearts was a gift from Marjorie and Joe Walsh (of the Eagles). I am one lucky guy.

And here you see the bags how I roll to a job…

The bag on top is where I will throw all my extras such as a bag or two of extentions. I have one case for blondes, browns, and reds. Of course, as wild colors came on trend, I ended up including these as well. 

andy lecompte, rimowa

Below its a shot of my main hair kit. If you look close you can see how everything is neatly labeled…and yes, I travel with a label maker.

products, tools,

Below is a shot of how my extentions are packed inside the cases.


Here is a peek in the LV. Notice it’s packed with the set bags and my honest baby wipes.. They are my must have on any job.. Gotta keep it all  clean because cleanliness is what I live for!


Annnd my pocket or in my set bag I don’t live without my Sheila Stotts detangling brush!”

So there you have it! Everything you need to show up to a job just like Andy Lecompte himself!

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